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"Kantala" / kæntǝla: / is named after the Sanskrit word for the Hana plant - the core material that is used to create all of our products.

In a small village near Kandy, the Henavala village, a small group of families are engaged in their 300 year old traditional craft of weaving for the ethical fashion accessory brand "Kantala".

" Kantala " / kæntǝla: / is named after the Sanskrit word for the Hana plant - the core material that is used to create all of their products.

What do we mean by ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion is when the design, sourcing and manufacture of items benefit people and communities while minimising the impact on the environment. 

No Animals Are Harmed Kantala ensures no animals are harmed during the process of making the products. Neither are animal based material used to make a Kantala retail product. Kantala is a PETA Approved Vegan brand. 

Good For People - Good For Planet Kantala is a Good Market Sri Lanka approved vendor which means Kantala is certified as a "good for people - good for planet" organisation.

Kantala’s fashion accessories are made by 14 traditional weavers who create high-quality fashion through design and innovation coupled with social and environmental values which are at the core of all business activities. 

The Products

The brand is not only ethical but it also provides the artisans a sustainable livelihood. Their products include handbags, outdoor carry bags, wallets, passport covers to glamorous clutch bags for every occasion. You can buy your own at TRUNK at Cinnamon Grand, or Barefoot and Azeiya at the Galle Fort.

Kantala is launching a crowdfunding campaign. The profits raised from the campaign will be used to support their international expansion, the purchase of a Hana fibre cleaning machine and setting up of a weavers co-operative for the artisans. The crowdfunding campaign will be launched on 26 June 2017 and end 26 July 2017. When you invest in Kantala, you help revive a dying craft while investing in artisans to help them secure a sustainable livelihood (and they'll also send you one of their new products in December!).

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