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Keells (Nawala)

419, Nawala Road, Colombo 5

The Keells in Nawala is relatively big and has good parking space.

We've started doing quick and easy supermarket mini-reviews. They include information on parking, liquor, bakery, pharmacy options, timings, etc.

The Keells Super on Nawala Road is pretty big, and they have a full selection of goods and services.

  • There is ample parking space, which is always a good thing. The lot can host around 20 cars. 
  • There is a good selection of fruits and vegetables.
  • They offer all kinds of meat from fresh seafood to chicken, lamb, pork and beef.
  • The variety of cheese they offer are the normal ones you find at other Food City and Keells outlets. The brands include Happy Cow, Anchor and Aria, just to name a few. There are a few high-end imported varieties too.
  • They have a bakery, which offers a variety of pastries and other baked goods. 
  • They also have a pharmacy.
  • They have a fully-stocked alcohol section.
  • While they have 6 active checkout lines, your checkout speed depends on the crowd. 

Hope this review helps! Happy shopping! 


419, Nawala Road, Colombo 5


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Open until 10:00 PM

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