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A superb, yet a quite expensive option for Kimbúla bunnis.

Kimbúla is self-explanatory. Sri Lanka is home to a myriad of beautiful bunis, and as the name implies, this particular home baker is specialised in Kimbúla bunis. They're fantastic and have many interesting twists, but also, a wee bit expensive.

The Kimbúlas

We're all down for their menu. With a whole bunch of sweet and savoury kimbulas (yes! you heard it right!), it's absolutely impressive. Some of the sweet varieties are glazed, while the rest is stuffed. So tempting!

We tried four of them - Plain (Rs. 250), Nutella (Rs. 450), Coffee Glazed (Rs. 400), and Cheese & Tuna (Rs.600).

Featuring a slightly chewy crust, and a wonderfully soft and fluffy middle, the Plain Kimbula was generously splattered with sugar. Personally, I don't mind if they can reduce the amount of sugar, but our team loved it. 

Out of the three sweet kimbulas, this was our favourite - the Nutella Kimbula. At a glance, you might not see a lot of Nutella in this cross-section, but trust me, it's well loaded!

To match with its whole nature, the bread itself had a brownish hue to it. Superb!
We enjoyed catching a whiff of coffee in this Coffee glazed Kimbula. Sharing the same excellent texture, this was delicious too, but a thicker coating of coffee would have made it even better.

Now, this is next level - the Cheese & Tuna Kimbula. It actually made us realise the remarkable resemblance between kimbula bunis and baguettes.

Less chewy than baguettes, this kimbula was filled to the brim with a delicious tuna paste, to the point that it spills out the sides through its bready enclosure. It was rich with pieces of tomato and green chillies, enhancing its flavour with a bit of tang and heat. They use good quality cheese here, and it helped to shape up the flavour even more. Plus, this tasted less sweet than the rest.

How To Order

You can easily DM via their Instagram/Facebook for details, or WhatsApp - 0760304797. They deliver only after 3.00 PM, and the delivery fee to Nugegoda was Rs. 250.


We do wish if they can go a bit easy on the price, especially in terms of sweet kimbulas. But kudos to the delicious tweaks they've added to this beloved Sri Lankan bunis, especially the savoury ones.


Sri Lankan Fusion Home Baker

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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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