KIMO Ceylon

No. 28 Galle Road Colombo

KIMO Ceylon is a Korean concept store that sells minimalist household items at mid-market prices

Ki MO Ceylon is a concept store built around a Korean aesthetic, it stocks a collection of household and gift items, along with a few toys, electronics and cosmetics thrown into the mix.

The Place

Ki MO is located along Galle Rd just before the Savoy Cinema as you approach it from Dehiwala. Parking along the sea-side is hard to find on most days, so you might have to seek out one of the bylanes leading into Marine Drive.

The Goods

Items start at around Rs. 250 (for a fork) and can range into the thousands (a portable bluetooth speaker will set you back Rs. 5000 plus). Potted plants can be purchased from Rs.1000-2000. The place also stocks a selection of handbags that start around Rs. 1500 upwards, the designs aren't too spectacular however (even though I know nothing about handbags).

There's nothing to help you assess the quality of the electronics here except to take a risk and buy it. The store allows you to test out most accessories other than their headsets. However, a nice little listening station won't have gone amiss.

Power banks spurning out 5000mAH can be had for Rs 999 on up while a powerbank incorporated iPhone case costs Rs. 8,499. 

Linen is also well stocked, and appears to be of good quality. Table runners start from Rs 1699, and bedsheets from Rs. 2750. Two pillowcases will cost you Rs. 900. 

The pricing here isn't really very successful as a signal to let you gauge what you're getting for what you spend. So buying and trying it out is the only option.

The Ambience

The Korean aesthetic the store is aiming for is slightly spoiled by a range of very clearly non-Korean cosmetics up for sale. And the color scheme is rather mainstream as well.


Friendly and efficient.


Compared to Miniso Japan, which just opened up in Kandy and is looking to expand to Colombo, this concept store is a lot less exciting and lacks Miniso's consistency in price-quality signaling, as well as the ability to test out most products before use. The prices however are lower than what you would find at places like ODEL for similar items, so I say go and have a look.


No. 28 Galle Road Colombo


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