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Knot Busters

Lakpahana, Reid Avenue

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The Nail Anatomy's massage service.

We saw glimpses of Knot Busters on Facebook and Instagram and couldn't help but want to find out more (with that hilarious innuendo of a name, do you blame us?). We gave them a call and were surprised to have our favourite mani-pedi haunt, the Nail Anatomy pick up. 

Service & Services

They do a whole range of massages and therapies, from Balinese massages to hot stone therapies, and Thai stretch massages. Prices are about Rs. 5000 for an hour's full body massage. They do have some discounts on though (like Rs. 500 off if you've come in for a pedicure), or weekday discounts.

Their staff is almost exclusively Indonesian, and mostly the same therapists as the Nail Anatomy. As usual, they are highly trained, professional, and friendly. My massage struck a perfect balance of soothing and challenging, as my therapist asked me what my sore points were, what I needed focus on, and always checked to see that the pressure was at the right level. 

As with most personal services, it's not just the procedure that's important. I appreciated my prompt welcome, the fact that everything was ready, and my appointment started sharply on time. After my appointment, I also got to enjoy a lovely cup of hot herbal/floral tea, a sweet, and some down time. Bliss!


The ambience was, as usual, clean, welcoming, and comfortable. The best part was that it wasn't too cold either, which is the problem I generally have at spas. I mean, you're basically starkers lying immobile on a table slathered in oil - you're going to start freezing.  It's not a luxurious retreat like the Galle Face Hotel's spa, but it's also a fraction of the cost with equivalent service.

The only issue I had was that I had a completely different impression of the place given their Facebook/Instagram feeds, as they were all stock photos taken off the internet which don't really represent the ambience of the space at all. In fact, I didn't even realise it was the Nail Anatomy until I called. The TNA is a beautiful, bright space in itself and it should be represented accurately (but that, just like everything on YAMU, is just opinion).


I had a lovely, soothing experience. I left feeling refreshed and like those knots of tension in my upper back were worked out of my system. At Rs. 5000, you're also looking at a much more reasonable massage than other comparable spas like Spa Ceylon or Angsana.


Book well in advance, they're busy!


Lakpahana, Reid Avenue


This is inside the Nail Anatomy, right opposite the Racecourse building.


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