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Ko Roti

Delivery only.

An exciting array of fusion kottu that delivers a host of South Asian tastes in a single dish!

Ko Roti is a delivery-only kottu spot that whips up exciting renditions of fusion kottu. Merging it with some of the most appealing South Asian dishes, Ko Roti presents to us the vibrant tastes of South Asia through one of our most mouthwatering go-to dishes. 

It's available on Uber Eats and you can order via the app. 

The Kottu

From the range of options, we opted for the Devilled Koththu with Prawns (Rs. 782), the Thai Chilli Koththu - Seafood (Rs. 782) and Biriyani Kottu with Chicken (Rs. 608).

The base price of the kottu is Rs. 521 and it varies according to the choice of protein we choose to have, ranging from bean curd, chicken, beef, prawns and seafood. 

The kottu came in aluminium foil parcels with the gravy in little plastic cups. 

The Biriyani Kottu was an instant hit. The biriyani flavour soaked into every pixel of each roti, the accompanying chicken transformed each bite into a taste of heaven. An interesting twist Ko Roti provides is the different types of gravy that complement each of the kottu.

The gravy or sauce provides an extra punch of flavour that adds an entirely new realm of taste for exploring. Sans the sauce, the Biriyani Kottu is slightly mild, but with it, the spice and flavour are boosted up a notch. There was plenty of succulent cubes of chicken that made our tastebuds crave for more, along with a boiled egg as additional protein.

Huge, fresh, luscious prawns with ample meat to munch on, the Devilled Kottu with Prawns was as amazing as the previous kottu. The Devilled Kottu came with a thick, spicy sauce that had a sort of burnt tinge to it, with plenty of spices that seemed to have gone in the making, and infused with the sauce the kottu was simply sublime.

There aren't many places where fresh prawns are available, but Ko Roti makes sure they're definitely one of them. The prawns-to-roti ratio was ideal as well.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the Thai Chilli Seafood Kottu that we'd ordered had instead been replaced with prawns, and thus, we had a second helping of those luscious, crisp prawns. Plus, it had the best gravy out of the lot; thick in texture, it had a sort of cheesy and spicy taste to it, which was simply blissful when combined with the kottu. The kottu itself wasn't as spicy as the name did suggest. 

We also received a bottle of Coke with each parcel of kottu we ordered.


If you're looking to quench that craving and still too lazy to get out of the house, Ko Roti is the place to go to. Reliable and relishing, it will make you fall in love with kottu all over again. 


Delivery only.



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Open until 03:00 PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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