Kochchi Rice & Curry

Delivery only

A virtual kitchen with expensive rice & curry.

Kochchi Rice & Curry is a cloud kitchen based in Thimbirigasyaya, down Fife Road. We've had our eye on their feed for quite some time now, simply due to the mouthwatering pictures of rice & curry pictures they post. 

Ordering Process

Their main distribution method is delivery through different food delivery platforms, but they also cater to takeout orders. Given that we aren't within the delivery radius, we decided to opt for the latter. 
However, things weren't exactly smooth throughout this process. Initially, we dropped a WhatsApp message to their phone number (077 414 7878) as they've advised. We received no response, and therefore, we called them and placed the order. 
On our way to pick up the order, we tried calling them a bunch of times, but the above number was switched off. Their social media platforms don't state the address, nor does Google Maps. So we ended up driving up and down Fife Road, looking for a sign, and when that didn't work, we decided to park near Tasty Caterers and placed an order through a delivery platform. 


Aside from rice & curry, they also do paan & curry combos, fried rice, fried noodles and string hoppers. 

The Saturday special lunch menu included a spread of yellow rice & curry with a variety of meats/seafood. We opted for the Prawns (Rs. 620), Chicken (Rs. 550), Beef (Rs. 580) and Mutton (Rs. 730). 

It's a set menu, so each rice & curry pack had a generous serving of yellow-coloured rice, tempered potato, brinjal moju, pineapple-based salad, mango chutney, a tuna cutlet, a boiled egg and a choice of meat/seafood.

This pack of Prawn Rice & Curry was our most favourite. They had pulled off a brilliant prawn curry with the right infusion of coconut milk and spices. The brinjal moju didn't have that sweet kick we were looking for, while the tuna cutlet had no hint of tuna in it.

We enjoyed the tempered potato though. It wasn't too oily, and the sprinkle of chilli flakes really worked its magic. We are also thankful for the pineapple salad. It provided the much needed fresh, sweet and sour kick that this meal was yearning for. 

Sweet and tangy at the right balance, the mango chutney was good too. 

The Chicken Rice & Curry had a sizable piece of chicken, but there weren't a lot of flavours to taste. Cooking it for a little while longer will definitely help it to soak up the spices more. 

The beef curry followed suit. Soft, chewy and wonderfully cooked through, it would have tasted incredible if they let it rest with the spices a bit more. 

The mutton was well flavoured though. Every chunk of meat here was lavished with a good blend of spices, that made every bite so rich. The only downer was the gristly, boney bits we came across. There was a lot.


Kochchi Rice & Curry has its moments, but they have to up their game a bit to live up to the high price tags. Also, where's the kochchi? We wonder.