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Kochchi Roti Hut

Delivery only

A cloud kitchen that does some good kochchi sambol.

I've been eyeing on Kochchi Roti Hut for quite some time now, simply because I LOVE kochchi. They're a cloud kitchen on PickMe Food, that offers some dynamite kochchi sambol with every dish they do - which is probably why their stuff tends to run out fast.


Out of what's available, we got the Kochchi Roti With Kochchi Sambol (Rs. 250) and Toasted Roast Paan With Chicken Curry (Rs. 350).

The Kochchi Roti portion had three coconut rotis and a side of Kochchi Sambol. While the name states kochchi roti, it didn't seem to have a lot of kochchi to boot - but only a few bits. 

The kochchi sambol, however, was wonderfully done. A good dose of chopped up kochchi producing that distinct aroma and heat, a sprinkle of chilli flakes intensifying the spiciness, some scraped coconut combining and balancing out all the flavours, along with a lovely limey hint. Superb! 

The Toasted Roast Paan With Chicken Curry had a helping of that good kochchi sambol too. Plus, we loved the roast paan. Toasted to perfection, its crust was perfectly crispy and had a spongy middle.

Lots and lots of spices seemed to have involved in the making of this chicken curry. The gravy was incredibly rich - spicy, thick and tasted great. 

Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of chicken in it. About five teeeny tinyyyy chicken pieces were spotted. It's like someone had taken a sizable piece of chicken and smashed it into bits. 


We recommend Kochchi Roti Hut for their delicious kochchi sambol and wish they offered single portions of that - so we can mix and match it with anything that we've got at home. Nonetheless, it's an easy pick for quick dinner, if you're within their delivery range.

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