KBQ Korean Barbecue

Jinadasa Niyathapala Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

KBQ has an all new spot in Jana Jaya building, and they do some good fried chicken and noodles, with a Korean twist.

Korean Barbecue strolled into the restaurant/ fast food scene in Colombo as the new, less oily, more affordable take on KFC. Which, essentially, they are.

With their weirdly likeable takes on the normal fried chicken and Korean things becoming popular amongst everyone, they did pretty well. Then, with a bit of a sequence of disappearances and reappearances, they're finally back at the all-new Jana Jaya Building. 

The Ambience

Owing to the fact that it's in the Jana Jaya Buiding food court, the ambience is probably at its best. With a good dining space to literally run around and a view worth dying for, we found the ambience at KBQ to be quite good. Plus, the lack of people in the building left a lot of room for (albeit open) privacy, and it's impeccably clean too.

We suggest going at around 5/6 pm - the sun setting on the skyline is pretty awesome. 

The Food 

Although the menu at KBQ is pretty big, a lot of people don't stray to the Korean aspect of things. Which is precisely why we decided to go with a Budae Jiggae (Rs. 1000), a Janggeumi (Rs. 650) and a Padak Chicken (Rs.1000).

From sweet to hella spicy to the option of burning your tongue off or not, they do quite a few varieties of fried chicken. The Padak Chicken we chose was essentially just a serving of low spiced fried chicken served with two sauces that take two rather spicy turns in two very opposite directions. 

The chicken was, as we mentioned before barely had any spice at all. Coated with a thick layer of batter, this came hot to the touch and with a crunch that lasted till the end of the meal. Not too salty, and leaving space for you to actually taste the chicken, it was lovely.

 The strange white lines on the chicken are thinly shredded leeks that are (according to the server,) supposed to be eaten with the sauce, to tone it down.

Aye, the sauces. With the option of going with sweet and spicy or a Wasabi sauce, this heats up the chicken in no way KFC ever could. 

Let's talk about the Sweet and Spicy sauce, first. I know that this is very popular amongst most customers, which is bizarre considering the fact that it tastes like chilli powder doused in sugar syrup. I actually seem to be the only one who doesn't like it. Considering how everyone else loves it, chances are that you most probably will like this it too - so maybe give it a shot and see how it goes.

Here we have my personal favourite - the Wasabi sauce. With a slightly more watery texture than the other sauce, it was brilliant. Packed with wasabi flavour, this went really, really well with the chicken. Plus, it stays true to its name. When they say wasabi, they actually mean it. Kudos to that.

This is the Budae Jigae. Budae Jigae is a Korean Dish that actually originates from when the Americans invaded Korea during the Korean war - thus the presence of sausages.

Spicy, packed with a whole list of items including tomato, sausages, seafood, kimchi and tofu, this was, in essence, the best form of soup-stew out there. Bubbling, even when brought to the table, it smells and tastes like a giant tomatoed meaty portion, which we absolutely loved. Served in a portion enough for two with the accompaniments of sticky rice, egg fried zucchini, eggs and spicy soya sauce, we loved it. 10/10 would go for it again.

 Honestly, just get it. You'll see why we love it so much. 

This one is called a Janggeumi. Although being the namesake of one of the most beloved characters in dubbed K-Drama television, this was a bitter disappointment. True, the noodles were cooked well, but there was no taste apart from that overpowering amount of pepper they had included. The Chicken was just boiled in salt and pepper but the presence of anything else they had included in the dish was completely lost on us. 


In terms of service, the staff at KBQ were pretty nice. They're great with the menu and they helped a lot with the choosing part of the process. Plus, they managed to bring our food within half an hour of ordering. 


In conclusion, KBQ hasn't changed much since our last visit. The food, apart from the Jangguemi was fantastic and the staff was super nice throughout. Plus, the new-added perk of the view just ties up to be a pretty great dining experience. We definitely see ourselves going back.


Their fire chicken is popular


Jinadasa Niyathapala Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte


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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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BBQ Chicken Fried Chicken

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