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No 46 Collingwood Pl, Colombo 06

A home-based venture specialised in cream cheese.

Krèmeux is all about fresh, homemade cream cheese, presented in jars. They've got a variety of flavours, which come in really handy when making cheesecake, a tempting dip, or simply, as a spread on your bread/crackers.

How To Order

Krèmeux delivers to locations within Colombo 1 - 15, and its immediate suburbs. But you can also pick up your order from Wellawatte. For orders, simply contact them via Instagram DM. They accept cash on delivery and bank transfers.

Every delivery is subjected to a delivery fee. In our case, it was Rs. 350 (to Maharagama).

The Cream Cheese

Krèmeux has five kinds of cream cheese - Original, KaaraMiris, Krusty Krab, Garlic & Herb and Chocolate, which are available in 125g, 200g and 500g jars. None of them includes any flavour enhancers, harmful additives nor preservatives. Aside from the Krusty Krab, the others have a shelf life of 1 month. 

The Original (Rs. 500 for 200g) is your classic cream cheese, minus the tang and saltiness. It's very mildly flavoured, so it blends beautifully into savoury food. The texture is smooth, creamy and well spreadable. We highly suggest trying this out with any kind of bread, toasts, salads and it also works as a good dip. Just grab a packet of nachos or chips and dive right in. You can simply use it to enrich your curries too. 

On the sweet side, you can easily whip up some cheesecakes, tarts, tiramisu and cookies with this. 

This was our favourite, the Kaaramiris (Rs. 560 for 200g). Infused with a heap of red chillies, it has a wonderful way of binding the local taste to the classic cream cheese. Spicy and garlicky, it draws a hint of sweetness from fennel and cumin, while the coriander, tomato, olive oil and lime shape up the flavour even more.  

I can't wait to make some spicy cream cheese pasta with it. It's a good one to pair up with bread, especially when making sandwiches or canapés. Or, just dip in a spoon and eat it as it is. No one judges you. 

The Krusty Krab (Rs. 600 for 125g) had a lot of spring onions at play, along with a touch of black garlic, which created this brilliant oniony, garlicky flavour in it. Spicy, but not as spicy as the Kaaramiris, you will also get to taste some bits of crab meat here. 

Much like the other two, it's an excellent spread on bread, toasts and sandwiches, or even on rotis. You can even use it as an ingredient in pasta and some cheesy stuffing of a pie/short eat. 


Some of us preferred a little more tang in Krèmeux cream cheese, but we all loved the creamy consistency in them. It's a safe, unique product made by a friendly, enthusiastic home-based venture, and their flavours are quite interesting too.

There are many wonders that you can do with these goodies. Simply DM them, and they'll happily provide you with tips on how you can use their cream cheese to bring out the best in your everyday meals. 


No 46 Collingwood Pl, Colombo 06


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