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Kürtosh (Nugegoda)

73 Pagoda Rd, Nugegoda

A bakery by Klassy.

Kürtosh is another venture by Klassy. Specialised in short eats, desserts and other baked goodies, they have three outlets at the moment, and we checked out the Nugegoda one.

Food & Drinks

Kürtosh has an interesting variety, both sweet and savoury, so you've got plenty of choices here.

Encrusted with a super crispy shell, the Fish Roll (Rs. 70) had a flavoursome filling comprised of actual bits of Mackeral, onions, mashed up potato and the perfect amount of seasoning to boot. The Chicken Burger is not a bad deal for Rs. 110. It had a sizeable patty, a slice of tomato, and some ketchup, tucked in between a soft, good quality bun. However, the patty was slightly over-fried, and the texture was quite dry too. This Egg Bacon Pastry (Rs. 90) is value for money. All puffed up with buttery, flaky layers, the pastry itself was done quite well, had a small helping of crispy bacon and a boiled egg, cut in half.

A bit more bacon would have made it perfect, but if more bacon means more money, and we'd still like to have this one as a budget Egg Bacon Pastry that we can grab under Rs. 100.
The Egg & Cheese Cup (Rs. 60) stayed true to its name, by having a rich combination of cheese and egg, added to a buttery, crumbly tart crust.

On the sweet side, we tried the Chocolate Biscuit Pudding (Rs. 120). Albeit too sweet for our liking, the chocolate in between the Marie layers was creamy but the texture could have been a bit smoother. It was all right, really, and the chopped up cashews scattered about made for the extra flavour.

*Pictured above - Orange Juice (left), and Iced Coffee (right)

As for drinks, they've got the usuals - Iced Coffee, Orange Juice, Nescafe, Nestea and the likes. The Orange Juice (Rs. 100) we ordered was basically a Sunquick, but the Iced Coffee went beyond of expectations.

Sweetened to perfection, the coffee kicks emerged through the fluffy milk so effortlessly, and it was refreshing as hell.

Ambience & Service

An air-conditioned space with the colour assortment of brown, blue and white, the ambience at Kürtosh is nothing to complain about. The staff seems to maintain it well while tending to orders quickly.


When it comes to quick grub on the go, short eats are our saving grace, and Kürtosh isn't a bad option in that case, especially if you're in the area.


73 Pagoda Rd, Nugegoda



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Sri Lankan

Price Range

Less than 200

Dish Types

Cookies Cakes Short Eats Chocolate Biscuit Pudding

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