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Kyoto Mirai (Wonder Hotel)

No 213, Galle road, Colombo 03

A restaurant residing in Wonder Hotel, serving Japanese cuisine using quality ingredients with a casual ambience and excellent service.

Kyoto Mirai is an authentic Japanese restaurant tucked inside the first floor of Wonder Hotel, formerly Dwell Hotel. They retained the name and space without revamping and it is conducted by Mr Hiroya Naga, the executive chef & director.

Being fans of Japanese cuisine, we’ve been wanting to try them out for quite some time now.

Food & Drinks

Going through their menu, we found it to be quite extensive and like most Japanese restaurants, they carry an array of sashimi and sushi. They also have a variety of meat and seafood dishes along with a selection of salads, noodles, rice-based meals, and a few dessert items and drinks. 

On the left - Salmon Nigiri; On the right - the Salmon Roe “Ikura” Gunkan with accompanying ginger at the bottom.

Of course, no one leaves a Japanese restaurant without having some raw fish delights. For this, we decided on sampling some items from their sushi menu - Salmon Nigiri (Rs.350) and Salmon Roe “Ikura” Gunkan (Rs.300).

The Salmon Nigiri tasted fresh and fatty while the fish being buttery and smooth. Brushed with a soy-based sauce, it added layers of flavour to the fish. The rice that came with it was seasoned well as it sported a bit of sweetness with a hint of vinegar in it. All in all, it was a small portion that was big on flavour. 

The Salmon Roe “Ikura” Gunkan was packed with flavours of the sea. Salty and fishy, the salmon roe literally exploded with flavours. The sweet soy it was lightly dressed in, and the seasoned rice it topped helped balancing the flavours out while resulting in an amazing mouthful. 

A bit underwhelming appearance-wise, the Butter Sauteed Half-Grilled Squid Legs (Rs.900) made up for it when it came to flavour. The squid legs were soft and had a little chewiness, which was just enough to give it a bit of a bite. The seasoning on this one was spot on - just enough salt and pepper to elevate the flavours of the squid. Although this fell on being a bit too soggy when it came to the batter, the butteriness this carried was a good enough excuse to let that issue slip. 

We wanted to try out some tempura so we went with the Lagoon Crab Tempura on Rice (Rs.1,200). This came in a bowl topped off with three tempura patties with a ball of grated radish at the centre.

The tempura itself was quite a letdown since it didn’t have much crab meat in it. Whatever crab flavour it had, was overpowered by the sweetness of the paste that held the “crab” patty together.

However, the batter was nicely crisped up, and not oily which we appreciate. Sadly, what we liked most about this dish was the teriyaki sauce that they slathered the Japanese rice with. Sweet, savoury, and packed with the flavours of garlic and ginger, this sauce was a treat paired perfectly with the sticky and aromatic rice. 

For something soupy, we opted to get the Udon with Prawn (Rs.800). You can choose to have this either in hot or cold broth and we opted to get ours hot.

Neatly presented in a bowl, we were quite underwhelmed by the single prawn it had that was cut into two bite-sized pieces. Being suckers for seafood, it was the first thing that disappeared. It fell on being bland and did not have much in terms of seafood-y flavour.

The broth was the redeeming factor of the bowl which was filled with that distinct dashi taste - umami-packed savoury goodness. The udon, as expected, was chewy and delicious from having soaked up the flavours of the soup. It was a clean tasting bowl of noodles and our only complaint was its lack of prawny quality. 

Last but not least, the Pork Kanuni (Rs.900).

After tasting this, we are confident to say that it’s a definite must-try. Advertised as being seasoned slowly for two days, it all made sense after a bite. It was melt-in-your-mouth tender and loaded with porky goodness which was well complemented by the potato sauce.

Topped off with some shredded leeks, a bit of shallot and a small dollop of wasabi on the side, everything just worked harmoniously when it comes to flavour. Sweet and savoury, it tasted mellow and light. No flavour was too strong to overpower the other and from that, all the natural flavours came through in the best possible way. 

Fresh Orange Juice on left and Virgin Mojito on the right

For the drinks, we ordered Fresh Orange Juice (Rs.450) and a glass of Virgin Mojito (Rs.420). The Fresh Orange Juice had just the right amount of juice to pulp ratio and the balance of its sweetness and sourness was perfect. It’s a good drink to accompany your meal.

Their Virgin Mojito was one of the best we’ve tried. Fizzy with a kick of lime and mint, it was a cool and refreshing drink.

Ambience & Service

The place was minimalist in decor which makes it easy on the eyes. Spacious with plenty of seating available, one can easily find a spot to get comfy in. They also have more traditional tatami seating areas which can provide more privacy to diners. 

They have nice touches such as a cold towel to help you freshen up for the meal. The staff was quite accommodating and was well knowledgeable of their menu. 


Kyoto Mirai is a good option for those who want to experience an authentic Japanese dining experience. They serve up fresh tasting food that is of high quality with excellent service to match. 

One thing to put in mind is that on top of the steep prices for the small serving size their food comes in, government taxes and service charge will be added to your bill. If you’re considering to dine here, we advise you to ready your wallets but it won’t leave you feeling dissatisfied either.

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