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Lagoon Kitchen

Delivery only

A home-based lamprais maker.

We've been eating a lot of lamprais this year, and no, we're not complaining. In fact, we consider it as one of the luxurious experiences that one can have on this tiny island.
Lagoon Kitchen is also specialised in this delicacy and follows a recipe of their own, that rings close to the authentic kind, but not quite alike.

How To Order

They do four types of lamprais - Chicken (Rs. 500), Prawns (Rs. 600), Mixed Meat (Rs. 600) and Vegan (Rs. 500) - we opted for the first three. Orders can be placed via 0773558010, and they do delivery. For us, it was Rs. 200 (to Nugegoda).

The Lamprais

This was our favourite out of the three - the Mixed Meat. A good portion of chicken stock cooked samba rice, it was accompanied by the usuals - ash plantain, brinjal moju, two frikadels, blanchan, a boiled, fried egg, and of course, a serving of mixed meat. Every element here was lavished with a good dose of spices, making for an aromatic, delicious medley of flavours.

The frikadels were packed to their brim with a delicious meat-based filling, while the mixed meat was made with chicken, pork and beef - beautifully cooked, and well curried-up. We weren't the biggest fan of their brinjal moju, which was a wee bit too oily for our liking, but everything worked out well with the super creamy ash plantain. 

The blanchan was a highlight too, which we almost missed, as they serve it separately, in a small packet of banana leaf. Their take on blanchan has the kicks of ginger and garlic, along with a bit of sourness drawn from lime, and apparently, not everyone likes that strong flavour.

However, in our case, we enjoyed it. It brings a zesty punch to the meal.

Except for the meat and frikadels, everything else in the Chicken Lamprais was as same as the Mixed Meat. The chicken here was delicious too, but the former had a better depth of flavour.

Nonetheless, it's superb, especially if you don't prefer any meats other than chicken. Instead of frikadels, here they add two flavourful fish cutlets. 

The prawns in the Prawn Lamprais were wrapped in a chock-full of spices, which sort of subdued the natural seafood-y flavours. Gorgeously orange in colour, they were fat prawns though - wonderfully cooked, slightly chewy and quite fleshy. 


We're glad that we got our hands on these treats by Lagoon Kitchen. The portions are good, quite tasty and definitely worth the money you pay for it.

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