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A home-based venture that does some superb Lamprais, among other treats.

Lansi's is a home cook that does some fabulous lamprais, along with a whole bunch of baked goodies. The story behind this venture seems to be very interesting too. If you skim through their Instagram feed, you'll spot a few posts like this, where they share their family stories.


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Based in Mount Lavinia, their food is available for delivery and pickup.

The Lamprais

They've got three varieties of lamprais - Authentic, Chicken and Authentic-Mutton, and based on the availability, we grabbed the first two, Authentic (Rs. 650) and Chicken (Rs. 600).

Long story short, we absolutely LOVED them!

This is Lansi's take on Authentic Lamprais. The aroma that was wafting through the banana leaf as we tore it open was incredible and had us drooling. 

Comprised of Suduru Samba cooked in chicken stock rice, a serving of a meat curry made with beef, chicken and pork, fried ash plantain curry, blanchan, two mixed meat cutlets, fried brinjal in mustard sauce and a dollop of seeni sambol, it was a delicious affair.
This one is all about the balance of flavours. With a bit of heat from the blanchan, the creamy texture and flavour from ash plantain, a swirl of sweetness from seeni sambol, and a lovely zing from fried brinjal, everything seemed to have a chockful of spices infused, making it a dance of flavours that pairs well with the rice.

There was a lot of beef in the mix of meats, a few pieces of chicken too, but the pork was mostly fatty bits. However, we're not complaining - if you're into that, there's that.
There was an excellent symphony of flavours in the Chicken Lamprais as well. In here, they had replaced the mix of meats with a serving of well-curried up chicken, while the cutlets had a fish-based filling. Fantastic!


If you love lamprais as much as we do, Lansi's is a very good option. DM them on Instagram or order through PickMe Food if you wish to get your hands on these treats.