Liberty Plaza Food Court

Basement, Liberty Plaza, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03

Located at the basement of Liberty Plaza, the food court houses restaurants catering to different cuisines.

With restaurants serving varying cuisines, Liberty Plaza Food Court is the more organized and less crowded brother of the Majestic City Food Court.

It's your standard Sri Lankan food court.

Restaurants and Food

They've got 11 joints on board including Thai Express without which no Sri Lankan food court can be rightfully called a food court. They've also got Pizza Hut, which has been loyal to hungry window shoppers of Liberty Plaza way before this food court came into existence.

What to find at the food court? (As of November 2016)

Barnsbury Express Pizza Hut
Thai Express Seoul Mongolian BBQ
The Chinese Chef Kumar's Sri Lankan Hut
Seasons Cafe Roma
Elephant House Mabroc
Tropical Juice Bar And WASHROOMS! 

We settled for a Chicken Mongolian Set Menu (Rs 350) with a Deep Fried Prawn (Rs 70) from Seoul Mongolian BBQ, and a Cuttlefish Rice and Curry from Kumar's Sri Lankan Hut (Rs 400). 

Topped with a drumstick cooked in Sri Lankan Chinese style, the Chicken Mongolian  was average. The kangkung and chopsuey were weirdly sweet and the batter fried prawn was a skimpy prawn shrouded in rubbery fried flour. The noodles had no distinct taste and the chicken ranked number 1 in this sad compilation of gluten, veggies and cornflour.

TLDR; we weren't blown away. Good if you're dying, bad if you can spend almost 500 rupees on a much better meal.

Kumar's Sri Lankan Hut lets you choose your curries off their clay pots. They have the standard system of allowing 3 curries, good old papadum and deep fried red chillies for their standard Rice and Curry. For every additional curry, you will be charged extra, but their range of curries isn't that great or extensive. So, your wallet won't lose much.

I was not a huge fan of the beetroot curry. Beetroot curry CANNOT have cubes of beetroot. It's an abomination. The Dhal was done well, not too watery nor too firm - just right. The Cuttlefish was the true winner. Spicy and well flavoured, Kumar's Sri Lankan Hut does good Sri Lankan style Cuttlefish with mountainous amounts of sliced onions.

To wash down the underwhelming Mongolian Set Menu and the satiating rice and curry, we settled for a Strawberry Juice from Tropical Juice for Rs 250.

Prepared in less than 5 minutes, this juice was good. Even though it was more watery than it should be, it made for a refreshing and sweet thirst quencher.

Service and Ambience

The food court is painfully lit up with multiple fluroscent lights to unsuccessfully take away the darkness of the  basement. While the seating area appears unflattering, the space is clean and looks new (for now). 

The service here is bound to vary from stall to stall. Our needs were catered to in the style any employee would deploy to squeeze in as many orders as possible - quick with no smiles.


It's good if you're with a crowd that won't settle for just one cuisine. It's good if you have more than 350 rupees for a meal. And it's good if your body is giving away after hours of window shopping.


Basement, Liberty Plaza, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03


You can either enter from the carpark or take the escalator down from the 1st floor.