Light House Galley

Chaithya Road, Colombo 1

The Light House Galley opposite Colombo Lighthouse is a courtyard-restaurant run by the Navy - it's a good place for lunch or dinner.

The Light House Galley is a beautiful restaurant right across the Colombo Lighthouse run by the Navy. It's great for lunch but a lot of people recommend going there for dinner or after work for a pre-drinks night out with the squad.

Food & Drinks

They've got quite a range of items you can try : chicken, seafood, beef, pork and even lamb. We got the Spaghetti Chicken Lo Mein (Rs. 550), Honey Pork (Rs. 600), Seafood Chopsuey Rice (Rs. 600), Crispy Sesame Prawns (Rs. 550) and finally a glass of fresh mixed fruit juice (Rs. 250).

The Spaghetti Chicken Lo Mein was a little disheartening. It had all the elements needed to put a clasic Lo Mein together, the spaghetti was actually cooked right but the vegetables looked like they'd come out of a can. The biggest disappointment was the chicken which tasted really good but the chef had decided to hold back on these glorious meaty tidbits and only threw in a literal handful of chicken. Aside from the chicken being scarce, the soup that the spaghetti came in wasn't a lot, they'd just used it as a sauce instead. Not worth 550LKR. 

The Honey Pork though, good grief. They'd used good meat and it was roasted slightly so that it had a bit of a crispy feel to it, but according to our resident pork experts it tasted like it was drenched in sugar, completely missing the porky taste. The portion was quite big though.

The Seafood Chopsuey Rice was great value for money and was delicious. One portion is enough to serve two people and it doesn't leave you hungry either. The vegetables were fresh and well-cooked to the point where they still retained a light crunch. There were chunks of adequately seasoned fish and whole prawns buried in the rice, so much that you get some meat with every bite. 

The real shiner here were the Crispy Sesame Prawns. Hands down one of the better prawn dishes I've had. I loved it, to put it simply, and if I could I'd have gotten an extra two or three but I'm trying to not develop Politician's Waistline Syndrome here. There were So. Many. Prawns. They were all fried perfectly, coated with sesame seeds, not overly-seasoned and were as crispy as it gets. 5/5 would recommend. 

The glass of Mixed Fruit Juice was also a great accompaniment to go with the rest of the dishes we had. Normally you get half-hearted mixed fruit juices that leave me crying a single tear for all the potential that could have been delivered in that one glass, but this was fresh juice. I could clearly taste the different fruits they'd used and at 250LKR it's not too shabby.


Service & Ambience

The service was excellent. The staff were really polite and friendly enough to lend us their phone so we could call a cab when my phone ran out of credit. 
The place itself was beautiful and very Sri Lankan vintage, with its high ceilings, minimal tables and chairs, and a strange nostalgic sense of homeliness to it.  I usually feel incredibly out of place when I'm at any restaurant but here it felt like I was dining at home. Most of the clientele during lunchtime were locals with the occasional Naval officer popping in with his family/by himself. 



It's a nice experience to dine by the beach, amidst Araliya trees and a cool breeze. Check this place out if you're into sunshine and the sea. Go for a walk by the seaside or around the lighthouse once you're done with your meal. 


Try the rice dishes they taste great and also good for sharing.


Chaithya Road, Colombo 1


Turn into the left-most road at the Kingsbury roundabout, it's right opposite the Lighthouse tower.


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Open until 03:00 PM

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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