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Li's Kitchen

Delivery only

A cloud kitchen focused on Chinese delicacies.

A cloud kitchen in PickMe Food, Li's Kitchen focuses on Chinese fare. From local-style fried rice and nasi goreng to dumplings and many side dishes, they add a local twist to many of the items they dish out.

How To Order

If you are not within their PickMe Food radius, drop a WhatsApp text to +94 77 847 7019 for orders and inquiries.


Out of what's available, we decided on a Pork Nasi goreng (Rs. 550) and a portion of Chicken Dumplings (Rs. 600) for a quick First Look.

The Pork Nasi goreng had its moments. On the good side, it was packed with pork, and we could taste the essence of pork fat in the rice. However, at the same time, it was too oily and heavy. There was a strong wave of spiciness running through it, which makes it a very good bite to accompany your beer. For Rs. 600, this box of 10 dumplings is a solid deal. With a thin, absolutely silky texture, they were steamed well and had a beautifully brown bottom. The chicken filling was delicious, and each dumpling was plentiful with it. The chilli soy sauce didn't have a dominating spicy flavour, but was nicely salty, which gave a wonderful zing to the overall taste. 


All in all, our experience with Li's Kitchen wasn't a bad one. We do wish we could try out more dishes, but a lot of them were unavailable on the day we ordered. 

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