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A home-based venture specialised in loukoumades, the traditional Greek mini-doughnut.

Ever had Loukoumades? A traditional sweet treat originated in Turkey/Greece, it's their rendition of mini-doughnuts. Deep-fried dough pastry balls soaked in sugar syrup, these loukoumades are now in Colombo too. And unlike the orthodox kind, they add many fun twists to it. 
Unveiling, the Loukoumades!

How To Order

This is their menu. They have the Standard toppings and the Premium ones. Once you pick what you want, simply DM them on Instagram

At the moment, Loukoumades accepts bank transfers only. They deliver to many suburbs in Colombo, which they do through PickMe Flash. As for our order, the delivery fee was Rs. 350 (from Dehiwala to Maharagama), and we paid that separately to the PickMe Flash rider. 

The Loukoumades

Our order was comprised of two premium toppings in one box - Biscoff and Nutella X Rochers (Rs. 2590). It includes 6 loukoumades of each kind (altogether 12).

They were tiny bites of heaven, really. Boasting a fine golden hue, it greets you with a lovely crunch as you bite into it. And then comes that irresistible deep-fried dough taste, laced with sugary goodness.  

Look how fluffy and airy it looks from the inside! These loukoumades have an extra layer of flavour, all thanks to the generous amounts of toppings they put on them. 

Incredibly nutty and chocolaty, the Nutella and Ferrero Rocher combination works so brilliantly on these honey balls. It's messy in the best possible way, but trust us, it's finger-licking good. Not a single bit of that taste will go to waste.

We enjoyed the Biscoff glaze too. Sticky and gooey, it contributes a deep caramel flavour along with a rich, dark golden colour.


Loukoumades is a unique addition to the growing home baker scene in Colombo. It's albeit pricy, but seriously, it's worth it. 


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