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Lounge 171

171, Old Kottawa Road, Nawinna, Maharagama

Lounge 171 is the coffee house of the popular One Seven One Restaurant at Maharagama. They've got great food, good coffee and the nicest ambience.

Lounge 171, the cafe counterpart of One Seven One was an instant hit when they opened up over a year ago. Filling the void of (or lack thereof) cafes down the High-level stretch, this one was (and still is) something of a godsend.
With good food and drinks offered for wallet-friendly prices, along with the great ambience, soon enough, this one became the most popular hangout spot in the area. Which is why it being all the way in Maharagama didn't stop the foodies from all corners of Colombo from visiting this place.
So how is Lounge 171 doing now? We revisited for another investigation. 

Food & Drinks

The menu here is more or less the same as what we observed last year. They've introduced a few new items for the pizza and snacks menu, while the drinks section is comprised of milkshakes, juices, coffee and mocktails. 

With fat chunks of devilled chicken, bell pepper, green chillis, garlic and tomato embedded in a thick layer of creamy mozzarella, the Spicy Devilled Chicken Pizza (Rs. 800 for small) was value for its price. Firm from the outside, and soft on the inside, the pieces of chicken had a swirl of tanginess running through, which was well-balanced out with the milky flavours of the mozzarella. A teensy bit of heat was added by the handful of green chillis and bell pepper, while tomato helped to keep the whole thing moist. 

Not only it was delicious, but it was also a very colourful pizza too. However, the only downer was the crust. It was a bit tough to the bite, so sinking your teeth into it would take some effort. 
Served with a side of Potato Wedges the Prawns in Basil Pesto Bread (Rs. 850) gets full points from us, for its presentation itself. I mean, look at it! A bun so soft from outside, but lightly toasted on the inside with a nice slathering of pesto sauce, this one was beautifully stacked with parsley, lettuce, cucumber, batter-fried prawns, and mango salsa, while the top bun was drizzled with mayo - it's pure art. I just wish my photography skills were better.

However, in terms of flavour, it was quite alright. Fried to perfection, the prawns were delightfully chewy with a crispy shell, while the mango salsa added a delish tang, but other than that, the flavours here didn't quite harmonise well with each other. 

The potato wedges were lovely. Crispy to the bite, and chunky in texture, they were adequately seasoned with chilli powder and salt. 

*Pictured above - Watermelon Juice (left) and Oreo Shake (right)

Out of the drinks we ordered, the Oreo Shake (Rs. 450) was the winner. A mason jar full of Oreo goodness, it had the perfect consistency, while the swirls of chocolate syrup and whipped cream making for the extra flavour. 

The Watermelon Juice (Rs. 380) on the other hand, was a bit on the watery side. It was refreshing but can use some more watermelon goodness in it. 

Ambience & Service

The ambience at Lounge 171 hasn't changed a bit. It's still the cosy, comfortable cafe we saw last year, with beautiful brick walls decorated with pictures. 

Be it dining solo, hanging out with friends, a casual coffee date, a dinner out with family, this place caters to all of them. From what we gathered, they've got a beautiful rooftop area, which is ideal for private functions, or if you prefer a view with your meal. 

The service here isn't the most welcoming or friendly one, but they sure do a very efficient job. 


While there were a couple of misses in our recent experience at Lounge 171, we are quite glad how they've managed to maintain their standards. The place still gets packed with the crowd, which clearly shows their popularity, and how good they are at what they do. 

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