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Love Bites at Urban Kitchen

Hyde Park Corner, Colombo 2

Love Bites at Urban Kitchen is a dessert and pastry shop at Urban Kitchen run by a homebaker.

Love Bites is a baker that specializes in sweets such as cupcakes, eclairs and pies. They have an outlet at Urban Kitchen, just behind Poppy Hana.

We went there twice, in the span of 3 days. On the first day, we didn't want to buy anything because their range was very limited, and by that I mean they had 8 badly decorated cupcakes on display. We went again and the same cupcakes were on display. We ordered two anyway, one vanilla and one strawberry (Rs.150 each).

The cupcakes were an honest disappointment. There was no vanilla or strawberry flavour in either of these and they were so clumsily decorated, If you look at the blue one, there's bits of green in it and it is unappealing. The base was crumbly and the icing was stale, and way too sweet.They were not worth Rs.150, and we didn't finish them.

We'd also like to add that their Facebook page is very misleading because they make it seem as though they are fully stocked with various different cupcakes and delicious goodies, when in reality it doesn't even come close.

On a lighter, much brighter note, we also ordered their 'Love Boat', which was a marshmallow, chocolate and coffee tart (Rs.300).

This was much much better and very enjoyable. It tasted lightly of coffee, brownies, crumble and marshmallow. It was like eating a s'more. There was a light smoky flavor, which made the tart all the more better, 

Sadly, this tart is the only good experience we've had with Love Bites. 


Service is okay, kind of slow but nice. We were asked if we wanted to pipe our own cupcakes, and then charged double for it (which was not mentioned in advance). So if someone asks if you want to decorate your own cupcake - steer clear. We assume these piping activities are meant for kids as an activity.


In total, we've been to Love Bites four times over the last couple of months, and never really been impressed. It's a little confusing, given that their Facebook reviews are all positive, and the enthusiasm of the owners is apparent. Perhaps they're better if you order in advance, as the stale cold products didn't really work for us. 


Don't order their vanilla and strawberry cupcakes.


Hyde Park Corner, Colombo 2



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