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Macchiato (Kandy Selection)

Kandy Selection, High-level Rd. Nugegoda

Macchiato is the in-house coffee stop of the newly opened Kandy Selection in Nugegoda.

The popular local apparel line, Kandy Selection, recently opened up their newest branch down High-level Road, a few meters away from Nugegoda junction. Given that they are just across the road from us, we decided to drop in - not to do avurudu shopping, but to check out their in-house coffee stop - Macchiato. 

Food & Drinks

Nugegoda Kandy Selection has two food stalls - Dislin and Macchiato, sharing the same space. Macchiato's parent cafe resides inside Uptown Kandy, so it's the exact same menu you'll find here. 

Clocking in at Rs. 460, this Smoked Chicken Sandwich was generous with sizable chunks of chicken, along with a slathering of mayo, lettuce, cucumber and tomato underneath. All these were tucked in between three slices of nicely toasted bread. With veggies adding a fresh feel on the tongue, and chicken is smoked as promised, this one was good, and quite filling. The Vegetable Lasagna (Rs. 910) came dunked in this weird puree with a tangy flavour. Incredibly messy, the pasta sheets were a little sogged up from the puree, but we could taste a lot of cheese, tomato and herbs in it. However, all these do not quite justify the almost 1000 rupee price tag. Featured above is the Tuna Submarine (Rs. 860). With a filling made with mayo, bits of green chilis and tuna, this one also had lettuce, onions, tomato and two slices of cheese. Unfortunately, the veggies lacked its fresh content, but not because they were actually old. They had put the whole thing into a panini toaster, which had made them wilted. 

As for drinks, we got a Lemon Iced Tea (Rs. 390), Strawberry Milkshake (Rs. 420), and a Cappucino (Rs. 390). 

  • With swirls of lemon seeping through, the Iced Tea was refreshing, but lacked the tea flavour. 
  • The Strawberry Milkshake was a good blend of ice cream and milk. Unfortunately, the abundance of strawberry syrup made this a bit sweeter than it's supposed to be. 
  • Frothy, and light, the Cappuccino was a bit overheated, so the milk was less creamy than we preferred. The caffeine notes that were seeping through were bitter too. 

Service & Ambience

This place is packed, especially during the festive season. Like Chathura has described in his Dislin review, you cannot push back your chair and get up without bugging the person who's sitting behind you. We hope that this situation is different during the off-season. 

In terms of service, it's pretty much straightforward, but with a twist. First, you have to place the order from the counter, pay and get the order number which they will provide you - printed on a piece of paper. Once the meal is ready, it will be displayed on the TV hanging over the counter, and announced through the speaker. Then you can go to the respective counter and collect it. 

This process sounds pretty cool, but it's not that pretty in reality. If it's an order like ours with many dishes, they won't deliver them all at once. We had to walk up to that counter three times, and it's certainly not fun when the place is jam-packed with pe0ple. 


Well, this is a very expensive choice for food around Nugegoda and the food is quite alright at best. Unless you are crazy hungry and cannot bear the thought of leaving Kandy Selection without a snack, we suggest going somewhere else. 


Try Spicy Chicken Sub


Kandy Selection, High-level Rd. Nugegoda


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