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Mad Mousse

Delivery only

Absolutely excellent mousse!

Mad Mousse does a collection of some insanely rich chocolate mousse. 

How To Order

They've got two delivery/pickup points, in Dehiwala and Colombo 03, and both of them are available on PickMe Food. However, we opted for the direct delivery, but unfortunately, there was a sudden change of plans, and thus we had to make our way to Deanston Place to grab our order. 

The Mousse

We tried three - KitKat (Rs. 370), Snickers (Rs. 390) and Nutella (Rs. 450).

From texture to richness to promised elements, Mad Mousse checks all the correct boxes, in the best possible way. This KitKat Mousse is enough testament to that.

Adorned with a layer of crushed KitKats on top, this one had more of the same buried within its intensely chocolaty, silky smooth, light and fluffy texture. It's the mark of perfection, really. The chocolate chips and nuts were an added delight.

Sharing the same excellent, luscious texture and flavour, this Snickers Mousse was generously embedded with the said chocolate. It was a nuttier rendition of the previous, along with a dash of caramel in the mix.

The Nutella Mousse didn't quite live up to our expectations. While everything else was on point, we hardly got any Nutella kicks here.


These heavenly chocolate mousses by Mad Mousse is a reward for any chocolate lover. Try them out! 

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