Magic Dumplings


A home cook who makes excellent dumplings and deliver to your doorstep.

Magic Dumplings's dumplings are absolute magic. They're truly one of the best dumpling vendors we've got in the city.

How To Order

We placed our order through their Instagram. Based in Thalangama, they deliver to many subs of Colombo, including the high-level strip. Each order is subjected to a PickMe Flash delivery fee. In our case, it was Rs. 370 (to Maharagama). 

The Dumplings

Magic Dumplings does three kinds of fillings - Veg, Prawns and Chicken, served as frozen, steamed or fried. You can accompany them with Spicy Red Sauce or Classic Soy Sauce. 

In this box, you can find 10 beautifully done, Steamed Prawn Dumplings (Rs. 1200). Firm, springy and tender, the wrapper also had this amazing silk-like texture. Incredibly smooth, thin and light, it just goes down the throat like water. 

These magic dumplings are fat in size, so you get to taste plenty of filling. Featuring lots and lots of prawns, the filling had a lovely hint of garlic, and some finely chopped carrots, as well as a green-ish touch, all thanks to the spring onions. 

Adorned with those crispy, fried spots on its surface, the Fried Chicken  Dumplings (Rs. 1100) were excellent. Frying them on both sides have added an extra layer of flavour to them, and a dash of smokiness. The minced chicken-based filling was delicious as well. 

Both sauces were good. They offer some wonderfully salty soy sauce, while the Spicy Red Sauce had this subtle smoky note, which reminded us of a toned-down sriracha sauce. 


Magic Dumplings is a great choice to get your dumplings fix. They take a limited number of orders each day, so you gotta start ordering right now!