Malayan Cafe (Jaffna)

36 Power House Rd, Jaffna

If you're looking for a clean, charming and authentic meal in Jaffna, we highly recommend the vegetarian Malayalan Cafe.

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The Malayan is a tasty, charming and picturesque vegetarian cafe in Jaffna. The location is timeless and laid-back, as is the all-veg food.

The Food

The paper dhose
The paper dosa

Malayan food is all veg. Don't come here looking for Jaffna crab, prawns, etc.

We went there for breakfast but they also do lunch and we think dinner. The basic structure of the meals is kinda the same - one carb (dosa, idli, string hoppers, rice), veg curry (sambar), chutney. There's some variation but that's basically it.

The onion dhose

The onion dosa

If you're going for breakfast, we can recommend the dosa, especially the onion dosa, pictured here. This is a novel dish for us, dosa folded over a bunch of soft, caramelized onions. It's really good. Their ghee dosa and paper dosa are also good.

Their goats milk tea

Their goat's milk tea

They also do an interesting and tasty goat's milk tea. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

The Malayan is basically our favorite place for breakfast in Jaffna. We ended up paying about Rs. 200 per person.

The Location

The Malayalan exterior
The Malayan exterior

The exterior of the Malayan says established in 1951 and, thankfully, it looks like it hasn't changed much since. From the hand-lettered signage to wood cupboards around the shop, it's a different sort of kade. Most street eateries are crassly modern - all advertising and aluminum and plastic. But not here.

The cupboards
The cupboards

There's wood paneling, seating and - if you look back - a bunch of dudes in sarongs making industrial amounts of dosa and string hopper. It's quite clean, especially compared to a lot of Jaffna places.

The Malayalan interior

The Malayan interior



We cannot fault the service. It's classic saiver kade, fast, efficient and friendly. They also have something novel, phone numbers posted on the wall if you have any service complaints.


Paper dhose viewed the other way
Paper dosa viewed the other way

If you're looking for a clean, charming and authentic meal in Jaffna, we highly recommend the vegetarian Malayan Cafe.


The onion dhose is quite nice.


36 Power House Rd, Jaffna


The main road in Jaffna is Hospital Road. Power House Rd runs parallel to that. If you're heading up Hospital Rd, turn right after the bust stand. Then you'll be on Power House and it's there.


Open 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM


Indian South Indian

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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