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Mama Louie's (Kotte)

614 Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

Mama Louie's has a new branch in Kotte.

It's always nice to see one of your favourite restaurants in the city is branching out to suburbs. We recently experienced it with Sushi Kai's new outlet in Kotte, and now with Mama Louie's. They're located on the top floor of the Mother Sri Lanka Showroom in Kotte.

The Pizzas

We wanted to opt for two half-by-half pizzas, but at the moment, that facility is available for one pizza only. If you're ordering more than one, you have to get them as full pizzas with a single topping.

The Louie's Spicy Beef (Rs. 1970) was a big hit. Every slice was rich with soft, robust chunks of well-spiced up beef, boasting with flavour. The pizza was all glammed up with bits of colourful bell pepper and black olives, which also added a significant amount of flavour, while the basil works its aromatic magic.

Lean and embelished with charcoal spots, the crust had a satisfying crunch. However, the topping tended to slide off the crust, so it was a bit messier to eat.

Our half-by-half was assorted with Quattro Formaggi (Rs. 800 for half) and Sorrentina (Rs. 840 for half). 

Mama Louie's Quattro Formaggi is a combination of Ricotta, Italian Blue Cheese, Parmesan and UK Mozzarella, neatly layered up with their special Italian tomato sauce. They use good quality cheese here, so the flavours are quite strong. Alongside the milky notes, there was a salty kick from Blue cheese, a tinge of sweetness from Ricotta, and a nutty touch from Parmesan, while the Mozzarella is wonderfully stringy. Everything bound so beautifully to the well-executed crust.

Enriched with a sprinkle of Oregano and a handful of Basil, it was a treat for both vegetarians and carnivores alike.


*Pictured above: Black Mojito (left) and Raspberry Milkshake (right)

It was a warm hour in Colombo, so we opted for something cold - Black Mojito (Rs. 300) and Raspberry Milkshake (Rs. 520). 

The Black Mojito is essentially a lemonised Coca-Cola. Nothing remarkable, but good. 

Our favourite, however, was the Raspberry Milkshake. It was creamy, milky and seemed to have raspberry coulis, as oppose to the flavoured syrup that we usually encounter.

Ambience & Service

It's a fully airconditioned space with a bunch of chunky wooden furniture. You need to go through Mother Sri Lanka Showroom to access the restaurant, and there's a staircase from the outside to exit the restaurant. As for the atmosphere, it's quite calm, with smooth music in the background.

There were many happy faces in the staff who were quite welcoming and helpful.


This branch of Mama Louie's is a superb addition to the restaurant throng in Kotte. They make some good quality pizzas with generous amounts of toppings, and are absolutely value for money too.


614 Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte


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