Mamas Galle Fort Roof Café (Galle)

76 Leyn Baan Street, Galle

The new Mama's remains a good spot for a beer or lime soda, but for rice and curry it's below average.

Mama's used to be the spot in Galle Fort for rice and curry. We don't know what exactly has happened (rumor is a management change) but it's simply not as good anymore. Still a great view and location, but the rice and curry standard has dropped.

The Food


From what we've heard on TripAdvisor, the original Mama's has moved to 67 Church Street and this one, on Leyn Baan Street, next to the Fish Spa, is run by someone else. We called the new Mama's and they confirmed that yes, indeed, they have moved. Sadly, you can tell.


The rice and curries at this maternal incarnation were merely passable. They weren't especially appetizing looking nor did the spices rise above the component level. We were served a crude chicken curry, purippu, somewhat soggy okra and eggplant, pollos, and a bit of salad. It would have been disappointing at a roadside buth kade, but this was for Rs. 750 a plate.

We also tried the garlic shrimp appetizer for Rs. 750 and that was similarly unimpressive. Small creatures, neither fresh, well-cooked nor well-seasoned.

The Location


We went on a rainy day so forgive the photos. The view from the rooftop remains amazing, you can see the mosque, lighthouse and ocean quite well. It remains a beautiful spot, led to be aggressively winding stairs.


The service was fine, though our table was wet and we had to dry it and arrange seating ourselves.


The new Mama's remains a good spot for a beer or lime soda, but for rice and curry it's below average.


Great view. Better place for drinks rather than dining.


76 Leyn Baan Street, Galle


This Mama's is near the mosque and lighthouse. Entering Fort, you'll get directed down Church Street. Follow that to the end and we recommend parking by the Ramparts. Then walk up the next h to your left (towards the lighthouse). That's Leyn Baan. Mama's is just 20 meters up, before the Fish Spa.


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Open 12 noon to 9:30 PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Rice And Curry

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