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Maw Sevana

Maw Sevana, No. 12, Centre Road, Colombo 15.

Home for boys located in Mattakluliya

Maw Sevana is a home for boys that’s been around since 1978. It was created to provide a home for children born out of wedlock. Today it is the home to 20 boys. It is located at Mattakkuliya. A whole bunch of us recently dropped in one evening to play for a time of games followed by dinner. We went about tea time, when the sun was not oh so hot to play outside and we had a ball of a time, which we also recommend. You can drop in as a family or a group of friends and the boys will thoroughly enjoy the fun and frolic.

Most of the boys living at Maw Sevana are children of single parents families who can’t afford to keep them at home. The home, on the other hand, provides everything the boys need. They have a roof above their heads, matrons who dote on them, they are provided an education, they have food security, recreation time, what they don’t have is the affection of parents. The day we were visiting, one of our volunteers was a young man who had grown up in this very home and he told us, "What these boys lack is love and company, if anyone is interested in giving something of worth, it's an investment of your time. Drop in, spend more time with them. It will be worth your while."

Maw Sevana offers its children hope in their difficult circumstances. A security they might not find with their own families. All children are educated in Government schools in the vicinity. Maw Sevana does not charge any fee from the children seeking admission. Almost everything a child needs is provided for him. His accommodation, his schooling including tuition, clothes, food, medicine are all provided for by the Home. 

Most of these Homes though funded, the finances are utilised to pay bills and the upkeep and maintenance of the Home. If you are wondering how you can help, other than spending time with them, they need the following rations on a weekly and monthly basis. Dhal 3 kg or 12 kg, green gram 2kg or 8kg, milk powder 2kg or 7kg, sugar 8kg or 30kg, samba rice 20kg or 80kg, Lipton tea 750g or 3kg, Maliban chocolate cream biscuit 7 packets or 30 packets, Nadu rice 20 kg or 80 kg, wheat flour 3 kg or 12 kg, jam 1 big bottle or 4 big bottles, and tin of fish 6 tins or 24 tins.

Or you can donate to

Bank Account Nos: HNB Current A/C No: 097010010716, OR NDB Current A/C No: 101000066215


Maw Sevana, No. 12, Centre Road, Colombo 15.



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