Meat Carlos

295 High Level Rd, Nugegoda

A BBQ spot down High-level Road.

"BBQ Hariyata Kanna" - Eat BBQ the right way; we needed no other motivation to try out Meat Carlos after seeing that slogan. Located down High-level Road, in between Nugegoda and Gamsabha junctions, they're pretty new to the BBQ scene but does a fine job nonetheless. 


They've got a range of platters for you to opt for, based on the number of people you have in your group. We got the Platter 02, which was consisted of two chicken whole legs, two pork chops, two Kochchi sausages, two pork sausages, eight slices of garlic bread, two pineapple slices, a helping of Carlos Signature Salad, and two kinds of sauces. 

For Rs. 2300, it's pretty decent, considering the quality and quantity at play. The chicken was grilled so brilliantly. From the outside, it carried a whiff of smokiness, was firm, but not overly so, while the inside was incredibly juicy and fell off the bone effortlessly. Our only complaint is the amount of sauce it had been drenched in. It was a bit much, so the meat tasted sweeter than we'd have liked.

If you're not that into sauce, make sure let them know that as you place the order. 

The Pork Chops, unfortunately, left us disappointed. Firstly, there was a massive hunk of fat in it, and secondly, the tiny bit of meat it had, was so darn hard in texture. We spent about good 10 minutes jabbing our knife in it, trying to cut it into bite-size pieces.

As for the sauces, one of them was sweet, while the other one was peppery with a little tang. Quite good.

Crispy and garlicky as promised, you get eight slices of freshly grilled garlic bread here.

*Pictured above - Ginger Citrus Mojito (left), Lime Thambili (right)

Meat Carlos allows BYOB, only if you've got wine. We had none, so we decided to try a couple of beverages off their menu - Ginger Citrus Mojito (Rs. 300) and Lime Thambili (Rs. 300). The latter was our favourite. Thambili is good as it is, and this one has a splash of lime for an extra zing.

The Ginger Citrus Mojito was refreshing and had a subtle ginger kick, contributed by store-brought, fizzy Ginger Beer. 

Ambience & Service 

The ambience here is quite chilled out. It's an outdoor dining space arranged with wooden tables and chairs, and the noisy High-level Road runs next to it. They play some good, but loud music here, which bugged us a tad as it doesn't quite allow you to have a conversation as you eat.


It's a fine addition to the BBQ scene in the area, especially considering its super-centric location. While they can certainly improve the pork, we absolutely recommend the chicken. 


295 High Level Rd, Nugegoda



Open until 11:00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Seafood BBQ Pork Chicken

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