M'eat US Bar & Grill

7 Filfe road, Colombo 5

M'eat US has an all-new restaurant down Fife Road.

*The new location is at 7, Fife Road, Colombo 5.

M'eat Us was an instant hit when they first opened up their BBQ joint in Pelewatte, and now they've managed their way towards the heart of Colombo - by setting up an all-new restaurant down Flower Road. Replacing the Choco Luv premises, their grilling hours start in the evening, and you can bring your own booze. 


M'eat US serves up a range of Western barbecue, with all sorts of meat - chicken, pork, and beef (depending on availability). There's no much variety in the drinks section, aside from water, Coke/Sprite, and Coke Float. 

We ordered up their Ribs Platter, which is easily the best option if you're dining as a couple, and your idea of romance is sharing food. Clocking in at Rs. 2950, it comes with a pork rack, two full chicken legs and two sausages accompanied with a potato salad. 

Let me start with the pork. It was one massive rack, drenched in tangy BBQ sauce while the bits of char stuck on the meat was the perfect compliment. This rack is, in fact, meatier than the one we got at their Pelawatte branch. The charred parts also helped to produce a slightly crispy exterior, and the meat itself was tender, juicy and had a straggly way of pulling apart so beautifully. 

We've always had a good experience with their barbecued chicken, but this time around, it kinda fell short. Generously rubbed with BBQ sauce seasoning, the chicken legs were a little tough from the outside and juicy on the first few layers. Unfortunately, it wasn't cooked through, so the middle had a rubbery texture - probably because it was tossed on to the grill straight from the freezer, without letting it rest for a few minutes. 

M'eat US offers these delicious Kochchi Sausages, and we loved every bite of it. They had minimal seasoning, unlike the rest of the components in the platter, but for a good reason. Boosted by the flavors of charred spots here and there, they were absolutely meaty, with hints of kochchi miris popping through. You can obtain a separate portion (three sausages) of this for Rs. 650 (which is exactly what we did).

Ambience & Service

In terms of ambience, it's pretty much like their Pelawatte branch. Red colored walls, well-lit tables wooden tables decorated with flowers will provide you with a good background to take some Instagram-worthy #foodporn pictures. They also have an outdoor section.

Efficient and helpful, we didn't encounter any problems regarding their service.


BBQ centric spots are pretty rare in Colombo, especially the ones that serve pork, and we're really glad that M'eat US made their way to a super central location. Booze and BBQ is always a good combo, so enjoy the benefit of corkage free BYOB while you're there. 

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re


Try the platters and the mixed grill if you are dining as a group.


7 Filfe road, Colombo 5



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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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BBQ Beef Pork Chicken

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