M'eat US

Parliament Road, Pellawatte, Battaramulla

M'eat US down Parliament Road serves up some good BBQ.

A few mouth watering pictures of a BBQ pork rack on Facebook were enough to drag our butts all the way over to Pelawatte, in the middle of a busy week. Located right before Angels Cupcakes shop on Parliament Road, M'eat US is a fairly new BBQ joint that’s buzzing with customers.

Food & Drinks

M'eat US dishes out a great collection of western barbecue, including chicken, pork chops, pork racks, pork sticks and even sausages. They’ve got meat platters, which is a pretty good option if you’re dining as a group.

First up, we tried their Ribs Platter (Rs. 2700), which comes with a pork rack, 2 chicken legs, and 2 chicken garlic sausages. That’s one pretty big rack we got there! The meat was cooked perfectly, it was succulent and massive enough to share satisfyingly amongst two people. It wasn't exactly fall-off-the-bone soft but well worth the price. Generously glazed with sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, this one had a slightly charred flavour from being taken off the grill.

*Pictured above - BBQ chicken legs and Chicken garlic sausages
Firm on the outside, juicy on the inside, the BBQ chicken legs at M'eat US is a superb dish that well-serves its name. With the instant tangy kick that comes from the BBQ sauce stuck on the meat, it had a smokey, mesquite type of flavour, which gets even better with the crunchy bits of charcoal on top. The meat itself was tender, easily cut through and flowing with juice.
The garlic sausages were well marinated, and the garlic flavor nicely emerged through its soft texture. 
We also ordered a portion of BBQ Pork Chop (Rs. 750), which was basically two barbecued, sizeable pork chops, with the just the right amount of BBQ sauce. Again, the meat was cooked and seasoned well, and we had no complaints. 

Service & Ambience

M'eat US is handled by some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. The Philippine lady/waitress here is very attentive and accommodating. With genuine friendliness and smiles all around, they made us feel very welcome. The food took around 30 minutes to arrive, which is acceptable considering it is, in fact, the time that takes to prepare a proper pork rack. 

The restaurant itself is small but spacious enough to accommodate around 20 people at a time, as it had both indoor and outdoor dining options. Every table was well lit, which provided an ideal setting to take some Instagram-worthy food pictures. 


All in all, we absolutely loved our experience at M'eat US. While they served up some of the best BBQ we've had for a decent fare, they allow BYOB, which is another plus point. 


Try the Ribs Platter.


Parliament Road, Pellawatte, Battaramulla


It's located right before the Angel Cupcakes cafe.


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