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No.29/3, Visaka Pvt Road, Colombo 04.

A few minutes of browsing in Melache you'll see that local labels are no longer a laughing matter. There are some really lovely pieces in this shop and they are very well priced. Original and handmade creations for as little as Rs 1500.

If you have a taste for local designer made clothing, this is a good spot. I really love the stuff in Melaché mainly because I need not fear awkward moments when I see someone wearing the same thing. [Editor's Note: this article may negate that advantage]. The name itself is as unique as the clothes, pronounced with a 'sh' sound at the end (of course I didn't know this until recently).


The Place

When you come from Duplication Road they are down Visaka Pvt Road just before the abandoned House of Fashion building. It's easy to miss.

The Stuff


The clothes are made by local designers. You can get nice glittering and sequiny stuff for evening wear, cool cottons and linens for casual wear and comfy office wear for ladies. The designs are distinct, chic and very finely finished. They also have a small men's collection tucked away upstairs. The prices range from Rs. 2,500 upwards.


Their accessories are also kinda cool but not much of a collection to choose from. They're priced Rs. 900 upwards. The custom handbags were quite expensive starting from Rs 12,000 upwards. And the shoes were priced at Rs. 2,500+. This stuff is not designer made but it is purchased from overseas to match the collection of clothes.







Bridal Collection

Melaché now have their own bridal collection custom designed and made by Dimuthu Sahabandu. The prices would depend on the design, materials and accessories needed, roughly starting from Rs. 75,000, including consultation with the designer himself.


There's also a collection of going away dresses in their shop or you can get it custom made.


The Designers/Brands

They have collections from Dimuthu Sahabandu, Amilani Perera, Kasuni, Shamara, Semini and some in-house brands Aphrodite's Myrtle, Eye Candy and Frangipani Woman.




As I see, the best thing about Melaché is their customization. If you find a design you like you can get it done by Melaché, although there would be an extra processing charge. If you're one of those people who likes to wear uncommon clothing and make a statement, this is a good place.


No.29/3, Visaka Pvt Road, Colombo 04.


Head down Duplication Rd, past Vajira Rd. The next road to your left, past a phone shop, is the Visakha Private Road. Turn up here and Melache is just around the corner.


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Open 9.30 am to 7.30 pm

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