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Midnight Divas

Midnight Divas, 58, Thurstan Road, Colombo 03

A lingerie and adult accessory shop on Thurstan Road.

An impossible-to-miss candy apple red store on Thurstan Road, Midnight Divas is Sri Lanka's closest thing to an erotic shop. 

What Do They Have?

A whole bunch of stuff, ranging from normal lacy underwear and saucy bodycon dresses to "naughty" items suitable for hen parties and hetero and LGBT intimate use. They also have some useful items like disposable toilet seat covers, beachwear, shapewear (waist trainers, padded butt underwear for that Kardashian in Kolombo style), strapless gel bras and silicone patches. You can also find:

  • Bridal lingerie and regular lingerie (Rs. 800 upwards)
  • Bath and body cosmetics like perfume and lotion from Victoria's Secret and others
  • Bride-to-be paraphernalia like sashes, crowns etc (Around Rs. 700)
  • Costumes (the usual pantheon of "naughty professions" - nurses, devils (not the grease yaka kind), angels.
  • Frisky underpants like crotchless underwear, briefs with random come-hither slogans, male thongs
  • Edibles like chocolate body paint, candy G-strings, flavoured lube 
  • Sexual health stuff like condoms, lube, massagers, some strange "official penis spray". 
  • Novelty items like mugs with slogans on them, sex dice, penis-shaped pasta
  • Accessories such as bunny ears, feather boas, a whole variety of handcuffs

Where Is It From?

It depends. A lot of their products seem to be imported from China or Thailand, like most of the clothing items. The Durex condoms and lube are from the UK and India though. It all appears to be quality checked though.


The price tags are not horrifying. At under Rs. 1000 for underwear, Rs. 2100 for stick-on bras, and about Rs. 700 for hen party stuff, it isn't too bad. They also usually have bargain bins, credit card offers, and discounts on.

Privacy & Service

There are generally around 2 women wafting about to help you with prices and choice. They're not particularly well-versed in the inventory or its usage, but there's signage on everything so you don't really need assistance. We came across a manager lady who was a lot more knowledgeable and helpful though. Despite the glass door, the shop area itself isn't viewable from the road, and their bags are brown paper so there's some semblance of privacy.  

Alternatively, you can just order online and get your choice delivered within 24 hours in Colombo.


We appreciate Midnight Diva's existence in regressive Colombo. Sure, these are all relatively tame products not of a long-term quality, but we've had plenty of questions on AHAMU about accessories and whatnot, so we're glad there's a place that fulfils that niche in a classy and reasonable way. Maybe don't try the official penis spray though.


Midnight Divas, 58, Thurstan Road, Colombo 03


Right next to Raheema's, opposite Thurstan Swimming Pool, on the junction of Thurstan Road and Alfred Place.


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