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Mihiliya by Green Gardens

S De S. Jayasinghe Mawatha, Nugegoda

A one-stop shop to satisfy all your home decor needs.

Sri Lankans love flowers, ornaments and anything that could make their homes look extra bling. Mihiliya by Green Gardens or MGG is your one-stop shop to getting anything related to it. 

Allow us to explain. 

The Place

MGG is a shop that specializes in house decorating items. At the moment they have three branches - in Nugegoda, Battaramulla and Bambalapitiya. In here, we give a brief description of their Nugegoda branch. 


Upon entering the building, you'll be able to see that the space is positively crowded with various paraphernalia.

From, vases

to fake flowers

to plants 

 to faux grass 

to wall hangings 

to candles, ornaments, and even wallpapers, this place has you completely covered.

They have a wide range of everything so we're pretty sure you'll find something to take home. 


Everything at MGG is made in China. And, almost everything looks surprisingly real. Plants start at around Rs. 500 and go up to around Rs. 50, 000. Flowers start at around Rs. 300/400 a flower and go up from there as well. Wallpaper goes up from around Rs. 100 per sq ft. 


In terms of service, they had quite a few members of staff ready to help maneuver us from floor to floor. Everyone was pretty nice and quite eager to help. So, need not fear friends. 


In conclusion, all we can say is that Mihiliya by Green Gardens is a pretty solid place if what you're looking for is no-maintenance-needed plants/flowers or any of the stuff we mentioned above. The staff was very nice and they're pretty affordable. What else do you need?


S De S. Jayasinghe Mawatha, Nugegoda


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Open until 07:00 PM

Price Range

More than Rs.5000

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