Mike's Souvenir Corner (Unawatuna)

Yaddehimulla Road, Unawatuna

Mike's Souvenir Corner is a little accessory boutique on the street somewhere in Unawatuna.

Mike's Souvenir corner - managed by a jolly fellow who goes by Mike - should be your go-to if you're itching to buy a bunch of whozits and whatsits when visiting good old Unawatuna.

He's pretty much stocked up on all manner of items from bangles to earrings to pretty much everything you can wear around your arms, neck, ears and legs. Also cigarettes, because why the hell not.

All items are locally sourced and 100% handmade. If you dare question the autheticity of his accessories made from ebony he will prove it to you until you're sure to never doubt him, ever again.

The Shop

The 'shop' is somewhere down a winding path amidst a hundred other souvenir boutiques but what sets it apart is the simplicity of the structure and Mike's personal charm. 
It's basically a container on a cart that's been converted to carry his wares. There are glass boxes full of this and that and the occasional ornament. Everything here is either made of coconut shells, ebony, coir and the like.

All items are in the 300 - 1000+ price range which isn't cheap, but it's fairly better than getting ripped off at a boutique that sets it prices to tourist standards.

The Service

Like I've stated before, Mike is a really friendly guy. He doesn't mind engaging in conversation if you've got something cool to talk about and he's got a bunch of funny jokes to be laughed at. If you make a good impression, he's likely to give you a discount. 


Next time you're in Unawatuna, you might be tempted to splurge on a keytag or something. If you are, show Mike some support. He even has his own TripAdvisor page, so be sure to leave him a good review!


Put a small chat and get amicable, it's highly likely he'll give you a discount.


Yaddehimulla Road, Unawatuna