Milk & Honey Cafe

44A, Horton Place, Colombo 7

Milk & Honey has impressive healthy food options, and really pleasant ambience. Also some of the best brownies in the city.

Milk & Honey Cafe is one of the few awesome health-food options in the city. They've got an impressive menu of healthy sandwiches, wraps  and smoothies - and some amazing home-made cakes and brownies. It was the cafe's lovely garden-side ambience that we enjoyed the most though.

The Food

Our seeni sambol with cream cheese sandwich (Rs. 550) was pretty good - I mean who can find fault with seeni sambol? - and the difference was that this was a dry sambol as opposed to the greasy oniony version we're used to, so it felt healthier. Also the bread is on the thick side so it made a filling meal. 

We also boldly went for the wrap filled with spinach fritters and cream cheese (Rs. 495). This was much more spinach than cream cheese, so if you're usually the carnivorous type this might be too much to handle as a starter, but otherwise it's a very fresh healthy snack. Ask for a side of sauce for flavour maybe. 

They've got a delightfully long list of flavours to choose from where juices and smoothies are concerned (in the Rs. 300 range). They come in combos - so we got a papaya-watermelon-mint-coconut smoothie, and an apple-cucumber-mint-lime juice. The beverages didn't really impress, there wasn't a huge difference between the smoothie and the juice, and just one flavour really stood out in both cases. Mint juice is a great way to wash down your meal though.  

Yes, these guys do great health food and maybe I should have stopped there, but the brownies stared me down and I couldn't resist. We mentioned in our last review that a lot of the desserts here are honeyed themselves, which makes them sweeter and relatively healthier. The brownies here are some of the best in the city - you get a big chunk for Rs. 308, and it's chocolatey and incredibly gooey. 


The cafe itself is very cute, with a simple white theme, a few throw pillows and the menu chalked up on blackboard. Like at their old Barnes Place location, you get the Milk children's store right next to it. 

The garden space is lovely - we don't get a whole load of garden cafes in Colombo - and the interesting thing is all the plants in the garden are usable for Milk & Honey recipes (spinach, gauva etc). Check out the cushy seating here, made out of those cartons we use to hold soda bottles. 


Milk & Honey is a really charming hangout. They've got a cosy interior, good service and healthy options, which are welcome since greasy unhealthy food is a norm in Colombo. Their desserts especially are wonderful - if you're not up for brownies, we've heard they make a mean carrot cake. 


You've got to try the chocolate brownie.


44A, Horton Place, Colombo 7


It's right next to the Indian Summer restaurant, opposite the Saskia Fernando Gallery. You'll see a children's store that says 'Milk' - the cafe is right inside at the end.



Open until 07:00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Brownies Fruit Juice Smoothies Healthy

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