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Miniso (Colombo)

No. 525, Union Place, Colombo 02.

  • Open until 09:00 PM

The latest outlet of the famous Japanese brand.

Miniso's finally in Colombo and it's bigger and better. It's a popular Chinese/Japanese brand which first opened up a store in the Kandy City Center. The one in Colombo is located at the Union Place junction, next to the Mitsubishi/United Motors showroom. You can park your vehicles in front of the store during weekends, but not weekdays.

Things For Sale

There's no specific category of what they sell, they have a little of everything. The best thing about the place is that it's affordable. Most of the products are priced at Rs. 390-790, which is pretty cool.

As you walk in, the first thing you notice is the large array of cosmetics. Most of them are priced at Rs. 350 and there are testers as well so you will not be purchasing blind.

Further down, you find everything you need to pamper yourself such as; moisturizers, whiteners, toners etc. They also have face masks, nose strips and face gels as well.

Of course, they have phone cases. They're priced at Rs. 1500 upwards which can be considered expensive since you can buy them for much cheaper on eBay, but these cases are of premium quality and a product of Miniso. They also have more electronics accessories like earphones, pouches, car chargers and whatnot.

In terms of electronics itself, they have their own power banks which go up to about 10,000mAh and they come in different colors as well, so you have a choice.

Their collection of purses (Rs. 590), handbags (Rs. 1490 upwards), and backpacks (Rs. 1490 upwards) are definitely of high quality and worth the price. Maybe not the small ones where you can't put anything in.

Aside from these, you can also purchase cool water bottles, kitchenware like utensils, oven mitts, aprons etc. A special shoutout to their ceramic coated frying pans, I can personally tell you it's one of the best I have used. For Rs. 2,790, it's so worth it. 

Finally, for kids (and some adults) the soft toy section is like stepping into an all-out toy store. Apart from the cutest soft toys you could find, they have building blocks, lego, clay and so many other goodies for kids. 

They also have a stationary section you can go crazy over with highlighters, pens, notebooks, sticky notes and so on. 

Service and Ambience

Their service is very efficient which is great, because of the large number of customers they seem to attract. There's always a long queue but it moves fast.

The place is much bigger and spacious than the one in Kandy with plenty of space to move around. It's simplicity at its best with white walls and shelves with their colorful products brightening the place up. 


Miniso is a great spot to purchase all the random things you want in one convenient place. The things you always refrain from buying because they're not worth the price, you can now find them here for their valued price. It's a fun shopping experience.


Most of their products are priced at Rs. 390, Rs. 590 and Rs. 790.


No. 525, Union Place, Colombo 02.


It's right at the Ibbanwala Junction, next to the Mitsubishi/United Motors showroom.


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Open until 09:00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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