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Miris By Islandmom

Delivery only

A domestic food business specialised in artisan nai miris-based condiments.

Us Sri Lankans are spicy people. We absolutely can't do without our miris (chillies), and thankfully, this tiny island is blessed with miris - Kochchi miris, Endera miris, Waraniya miris and Nai miris etc.
Miris By Islandmom is a home-based venture that puts these miris, particularly nai miris, to good use. She takes fresh nai miris, turns them into piping hot sauces and jam, and then, delivers them to your front door.

How To Order

You can easily reach out to her via her Instagram handle, @naimiris_addict. The product list is saved in the story highlights, so simply send across what you want to order with contact details, address and the preferred payment method (bank transfer/ cash on delivery), and your order will be sorted.

The orders take about 24 hours to deliver, or you can pick a date of your choice for delivery. The delivery range includes Colombo city limits, its suburbs, and even beyond that.

Sauces & Jam

We ordered a jam and two sauces - Chilli Jam (Rs. 650 for 300g, the new batch costs Rs. 780), Level Extreme Hot Sauce (Rs. 530 for 250g) and Level Dynamite Hot Sauce (Rs. 550, 300g). 

My favourite out of the three was this Nai Miris Chilli Jam. It has everything I would look for in a chilli jam -  spicy, sweet and sour, with a wonderful salty kick extracted from kunisso. I absolutely love kunisso! In this jam, it has added an extra depth of flavour to the overall taste. 

The piquant heat of nai miris is what grabs your attention first, and then comes the rich, sweet palm jaggery, along with a teeny tiny sour note drawn from tamarind, and a mild garlicky hint. It all ends with the fishy, salty flavours of kunisso and fish sauce, while the splash of nai miris chilli oil makes it wholesome.

This one pulls together some tasty sandwiches, works out well as an accompaniment for fried rice, dosa, noodles and rotis, and makes a good medium to dip in your chips, crackers and even dumplings. 
The Level Extreme Hot Sauce is the fieriest of all. It's a combination of nai miris, bell pepper, tomatoes, garlic, onions, coriander leaves, olive oil, vinegar, brown sugar and salt. 

The burning sensation of nai miris is quite dominating here, and it also has a lovely garlicky undertone that ends with a bitter note. Ideal to marinate meats, dress up salads, or to use as an ingredient in pasta and stir-fries. 

A fruit-based hot sauce, this Level Dynamite Hot Sauce is an amalgamation of nai miris, passion fruit, garlic, onions, mint leaves, olive oil, vinegar, brown sugar and salt. If you're into a concoction of sweet, tangy and fruity flavours, this is right up your alley.

It's a good one to brush up some meats as you grill them. Suits well as a salad dressing, dipping sauce and a cooking ingredient.


We're truly amazed by these nai miris wonders done by the Islandmom. They have very strong, delicious flavour profiles which add an interesting, fiery twist to your everyday, ordinary meals. Each of them has a 6-month shelf life, provided that you store them in a refrigerator and use a dry clean spoon to scoop them up. 

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