Miss Tasty Juice Bar & Cafe

B240, Battaramulla

  • Open until 07:00 PM

A relatively new Juice Bar that whips up a range of tasty fresh fruit juices, smoothies and fruit-based snacks.

Miss Tasty Juice Bar & Cafe, as its name would suggest is a little juice bar. We’ve been eyeing them for a while now, for their interesting range of fruit-based snacks, which is why we decided to drop in to grab a taste of them. 


Most of the things on their menu involves fresh fruits - smoothie bowls, fruit salads, and parfaits.

This is the Mango+Avocado Smoothie Bowl (Rs. 700). A rather eye-pleasing bowl that consists of fruity puree, topped off with neatly chopped up avocado and mango, alongside cashews, dates, cornflakes and a single strawberry. 

We got the strawberry out of the way first which was straight up icy cold. Flavour-wise, the pieces of avocado were mellow but not too rich and had a buttery but not too thick texture. The Mango pieces while ripe and soft and didn’t have much in terms of fruity- mangoey flavour but it was sweet enough. 

The puree underneath was a straight-up mix of those two fruits, which was not too sweet, yet creamy all throughout, not chunky and excellent in its consistency. 

Dates, cashews and cornflakes all added to the fun, crunchy texture to the otherwise smooth textures, making this bowl rather interesting and enjoyable. On the overall, the flavours of the bowl were a bit laid back, but was surprisingly filling.

The Creamy Fruit Salad (Rs. 350) was a bowl full of chopped up green apple, mango, papaya swimming in a milk-yoghurt mix decorated with dates, cornflakes, cashews and also a grape. 

The base was a smooth mix of just enough yoghurty and milky flavours, and had a thick texture. All the fruits dunked in here seemed fresh, added their own texture to the bite while giving off interesting flavour combos with each spoonful. Nothing felt out of place, while cornflakes, cashews and dates brought more depth to the overall flavour. 

At its price, we really loved this one, and the flavours were more exciting too.

Passion Fruit on left; Green Apple on right

No visit to any juice bar is incomplete without juices, thus came in our Passion fruit Juice (Rs. 180) and Green Apple Juice (Rs. 200).

The passion fruit juice was quite bold in its flavour and tangy but there was enough sweetness in the mix to not let it be too sharp. While it was flavourful, it might come off too forward in its flavour to some.

The green apple juice was a tad pulpy but did not overwhelm the drink. The natural flavour apple came through nicely as they hadn’t gone overboard with the sugar,

Both of the drinks were adequately chilled and were quite good to drown out the heat and quench the thirst. 

Ambience and Service 

They don’t have the biggest space, but it was quite clean and can hold about seven or so people at once. Even though it was close to the busy road, we weren't bothered by it. 

You can clearly see the fruits they use and the staff was consisted of two people. The owner, who personally prepares the orders was a delightful and welcoming lady. 

We got to know they have plans to move their location in the future to a better spot.


Miss Tasty whips up an interesting concoction of fruity flavours that we enjoyed and filled us up easily. With some very minor tweaks they can make it even better. 

If you are feeling thirsty or wanting something fruity and healthy to fill you up, we can recommend these goodies by Miss Tasty.