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34A Bagatalle Road, Colombo 3

Mitsi's Cafe was one of those hidden gems we uncovered in 2013. One year down the line, the food is still good, the service is friendly and the desserts are exceptional.

Mitsi's Cafe was one of those hidden gems we uncovered last year. One year down the line, the food is still good, the service is still friendly and the desserts are exceptional.

The Food

Even though Mitsi's Cafe only opened up last year, Mitsi herself has a reputation as a caterer and baker. Judging from the desserts we tried, we can easily vouch for her. The menu is one area that has improved quite a bit with a lot more variety in terms of dishes. What interested us was the new range Balkan dishes they recently introduced. Prices are not cheap with the tab for two coming to around Rs. 3700, but you won't find yourself having buyers remorse.

We usually don't mention the drinks we have but Mitsi's offers a few novel options. We'd already tried the peach smoothie, so this time around we went with the raspberry smoothie (Rs. 450), which was thick and refreshing with just the right amount sweetness.

Going through the menu we came across quite a few Balkan dishes (most of which involved some sort of grilled meat). Not being too familiar with Balkan cuisine, we didn't really know what to go with, until we saw the mixed grill (Rs. 1500), which had a bit of everything. One thing to keep in mind though is that this horseradish dip isn't for the light of heart, 'cause it's extremely strong, kind of like a wasabi mustard mix.

All in all we were satisfied with mostly everything with the exception of the chicken skewers, which were the only thing we'd say tasted ordinary. The highlights here were the pljeskavica, cevapcici and the chicken thigh. The chicken thigh was prepared in a simple way, but grilled to perfection with just the right seasoning. The pljeskavica is a sort of grilled mixed meat mince patty, which at first glance looks like a usual burger patty but has a lot more going on in terms of flvours and textures. The same goes for the cevapcici which is like a ground beef sausage. It doesn't look very appetizing but it has a nice spice hit. It's important remember though that this isn't like the usual mixed grill you come across at other restaurants so expect something different.

We'd already tried some of Mitsi's desserts on our previous visits, but now she's got a bunch of helpers involved in the baking as well so we were curious as to how the standards were.

We tried a slice of their blueberry cheesecake (Rs. 450) and both the vanilla and chocolate macarons (Rs. 120 each). The cheesecake was creamy and sweet, with the blueberry topping adding a just a bit of sourness to balance out the flavours. The macarons while not very consistent in terms of size, were absolutely delicious. The one thing that I would have liked to see here would have been a crunchier biscuit base.

I've tried macaroons from quite a few places in Colombo but non come close to these, with a soft wafer that practically collapses on itself when you bite into it and a creamy filling that adds a nice contrast of textures.

Ambience and Service

Mitsi's Cafe is more or less a house that has been converted into a bakery/restaurant. It's a charming little space on a somewhat secluded part of  with seating both inside and outdoors in the small lawn space. It's not very fancy but it's a good spot to have a peaceful meal with some friends.

The service, just like on our previous visit, was top notch. The staff is friendly, attentive and helpful, although it seems like they may need a few more hands to help out. Mitsi also strikes a good balance between the time she spends in the bakery and on the restaurant floor speaking with the customers.


Mitsi's Cafe is the only place in Colombo that offers Balkan cuisine, and from what we tried it's pretty solid. The desserts, what Mitsi is known for, are still as good as it gets.


Try them macaroons!
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Mitsi's Cafe was one of those hidden gems we uncovered last year. One year down the line, the food is still good, the service is friendly and the desserts are exceptional.

The food and drinks are quite good here, as is the space, but what sets Mitsi's apart is a staff that cares about both the customers and food. With so many new restaurants just out to make money, it's really refreshing to visit a place that cares.

අපි කන මීට් බෝල්ස් මොනවද කියල හිතෙනව ඒක කද්දි. මීට් කියන්නෙ එහෙම පිටින්ම චිකන්, බීෆ් මස් ගුලියක්. ඒ අතරට තව මොනව හරිත් දාලා ඇති. හැබැයි මස් රසින් නම් අනූනයි.

බොනවානම් මහත්තයෝ අන්න ස්මූති එක. නිකන් අනං මනං ෆ්ලේවර්ස් දාපු සෙප්පඩ විජ්ජා නැහැ, කෙලින් ම ගහෙන් කඩලා බ්ලෙන්ඩරේට දාලා හදපු රාස්බෙරි ස්මූති තමයි මේ. ස්වභාවික රාස්බෙරි රසින් අනූන මේ ස්මූති එක බොද්දී, අතරින් පතර හැපෙන රාස්බෙරි ඇටවලින් එන්නේ අමුතු ගතියක්.

මිත්සි’ස් කියන්නේ බගතලේ පාරේ තියෙන කදිම අළුත් කොෆී ෂොප් එකක්. එයාලා ආහාරවලට (සහ අතුරුපස වලට) අවධානය යොමුකරනවා. එතන නිදැල්ලේ හැසිරෙන්නට ලොකු විවෘත ඉඩක් තියෙනවා.


34A Bagatalle Road, Colombo 3


From Duplication Road, turn left and go up Bagatalle past Charles Place. From Thurstand, turn left at Midnight Divas and take the left fork down Bagatalle, it's near the Malaysian Embassy.


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