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Mizu (Ramada Colombo)

Ground Floor, No. 30, Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 3

Here's our first look at Ramada's new fusion Japanese restaurant.

Ramada's restaurant situation has remained pretty much unchanged for the past few years, but they've just introduced their own Japanese fusion restaurant in the form of Mizu. Here's our first look and overview.


The Food

In the grand scheme of Colombo's hotel scene, Ramada has always maintained somewhat of a low profile, catering to professionals looking for an affordable yet upscale hotel stay in Colombo. We also associate that same affordability with Ramada’s restaurants, and Mizu, while slightly pricier, is still cheaper than most other Japanese restaurants in Colombo, with the exception of Naniyori and Kami Maki.

We dropped in a couple of days after they had launched their menu, but we were told that the Mizu’s restaurant premises wasn’t quite ready yet, so we ended up having the food at Gardenia. Their introductory menu wasn’t the most impressive with just the standard selection of sashimi, nigiri, maki and rice dishes. However, their new menu should be available in a week or so.

Tuna Tataki (Rs. 750) is hands down one of my favourite Japanese starters when done right, but it’s very easy to overcook because it requires slight searing on all sides. Thankfully the tatami at Mizu wasn’t overcooked, but they dropped the ball a bit by serving it wrapped around a piece of cucumber, which diluted the flavour of the tuna.

We tried two of their uramakis, the first of which was the Dragon Roll (Rs. 750). This was pretty much the standard dragon roll with prawn and avocado, only this one was served with an extremely potent chill mayo sauce. The sushi itself was honestly fine with a nice crunch from the prawn and slight creaminess of the avocado, but unfortunately the chill mayo just overpowered the other flavours, which was a real shame.

The California Roll (Rs. 850) was a more balanced, pleasant experience. I’m generally not a fan of crabstick, but this one had a great balance of flavours with the tobiko adding a bit of saltiness and texture.

I’m always a bit saddened when pork isn’t on the menu, but Mizu’s chicken katsudon (Rs. 850) was decent all things considered. The rice was well cooked with a hint of sweetness, counteracted by the soy and crispy chicken strips. This one also had more veggies than usual, which added a needed contrast of textures. The portion size was also fairly large, so if you’re really hungry, this is a good choice.



Since the menu was new the staff weren’t too familiar with it when we dropped in, but they were friendly and very attentive. They were also nice enough call the chef to go over the menu with us.

Because we had our meal at Gardenia, we can’t really speak for the ambience at Mizu’s premises. However, we’ll definitely have more to go on when we drop in again for our full review.



From what we can tell from their introductory menu, Mizu looks to be an affordable Japanese restaurant but we fail to see the fusion side of it, which we hope they introduce with their new menu. They do, however, have room for improvement when it comes to authenticity and finesse.


Ground Floor, No. 30, Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 3


Take the right turn at the Galle Face roundabout (right after Inn On The Green), and Ramada will be on your right. Walk straight in to the end of the lobby to reach the restaurant.



This place has closed down



Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Seafood Chicken Sushi