Monkeybean Cafe (Stratford Avenue)

08, Stratford Avenue, Colombo 06

The new monkey down Stratford Avenue.

Monkeybean does no monkey business. It's all about good coffee, even better paninis, and rich desserts. Dinesh was over the moon when he found out that they're branching out to the coffee street in Colombo - the Stratford Avenue.

After much anticipation, we found ourselves here for a lunch review, unfortunately, without their favourite monkey - Dinesh.


If you're at Monkeybean, that one thing you shouldn't miss trying out is the range of SriPaninis they've got. Homemade bread, packed to the brim with a bunch of delicious Sri Lankan-style fillings, these paninis are absolutely mouthful.

This Meatball Panini (Rs. 640) was a delight. Meatballs cooked with a super Sri Lankan touch, it was fiery and delicious. They're super generous with their fillings too, so every bite is a rich, meaty treat.

The panini bread is also a highlight here. Like we mentioned previously, they bake their own bread, so you're guaranteed to get the freshest, crispiest panini bread.

The Cheese & Seeni Sambol Panini (Rs. 490) delivered the promised elements - stringy mozzarella, and sweet seeni sambol (onion relish). Seeni Sambol is good with any paan, really, and while Monkeybean's take on this beloved condiment was flavoursome, it didn't quite stand out from the ones we've had before. But hey, we're not complaining.

Monkeybean Cafe does a fabulous Chocolate Cake, and we're all for it. Priced at Rs. 600, it's a huge slice, which can be easily sharable between three people. The crown of silky smooth frosting beautifully complemented the cake base, which was not only spongy and moist but also had bold chocolaty notes seeping through.


Monkeybean brews up coffee (hot/old) and cold-pressed juices, and we got one from each.

At Monkeybean, you can get your coffee with both dairy and non-dairy milk. We went with the dairy option and got this Cappuccino (Rs. 470). It had a potent coffee punch, but the texture of the milk could've been a bit velvetier.
The Cold Pressed Apple Juice (Rs. 600) is pure apple goodness squeezed from apples. A healthy, sugar-less, refreshing drink. 

Ambience & Service

This new branch of Monkeybean Cafe is spacious than the Kollupitiya one, but the atmosphere is almost similar - calm, quiet and peaceful. The seats are comfy and if you wish to get some work done as you enjoy your coffee, this is a place for that too.

The guy behind the counter was happy to serve us, and quite quick on it.


It's great having a Monkeybean this close to our office. A definite recommendation from our part if you're craving for a fantastic panini, paired up with some good juice, coffee, or something sweet.