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Moon Bastion (Galle Fort)

Rampart Street, Fort, Galle

The Moon Bastion (part of the Galle Fort) is the best place to catch the sunset.

If you're in Galle, we've found the perfect spot for you to chill out and watch the sunset spread over an uninterrupted sky and sea. It's part of the Galle Fort Ramparts - the Moon Bastion - right by the clock tower near the fort's entrance. IMG_0293 The clock tower at the Galle fort is unmistakable, tall and stately and an impressive 131 years old. It was built in recognition of Dr Anthonisz, a renowned burgher surgeon. The plate on this roughly-four-storey-high tower says it was built "in testimony of his skill and benevolence in relieving human suffering'. The clock on its own was a gift from a grateful patient of Anthonisz's. IMG_0288 Watch out for these peculiar white sculptures at the bottom of the clock tower. The guy on the left is Dutch we presume, and the one on the right a Sri Lankan labourer? Let us know if you know any better. IMG_0299 The ramparts are a beautiful combination of green expanse and old stone walls criss crossing at angles. So there's a beautiful view of this by the clock tower. IMG_0312 The sunset viewpoint here is a big drop to the sea below - it's the ledge that's right at the end when you turn left at the clock tower. The picture above is a parallel rock to where we sat, with a bit of beveling coming out of the rock - a few heroes strutted on this bit in an impulse of bravado, but it is one crazy drop so we do not recommend. IMG_0342 Others who sat at the sunset spot seemed to have come better prepared than us. The best thing to do is bring food with you and make a picnic out of it. IMG_0324 It is basically a ledge you have to hop onto on the ramparts, so it's actually a bit unnerving at first. But once you sit there for a while you get used to it - though not for those of you with a fear of heights. sun The view is pretty epic from here. The height gives you a great perspective of the sunset falling onto miles of sea and you might spot a ship or two in the distance. IMG_0339 The sunset at the Moon Bastion near Galle Fort's clock tower is a little different from regular beach-view sunsets because of the awesome height you're sitting at. So the sky and particular the sea feels vaster and you'll get to see a lot more action between light and water. If you're in Galle, get some food and friends and make the trip here at around 5PM.

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Make sure you check the weather forecast before your trip! Cloudy sunsets are no fun.


Rampart Street, Fort, Galle


As soon as you enter the fort, turn right, into Rampart Street. Pass the clock tower and head towards the ramparts.

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