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Mount Lavinia Hotel Buffet

No 100, Hotel Road, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka.

The Governor's Restaurant at Mt.Lavinia Hotel offers one of the better buffets in the city. We found that mostly everything tasted good, with an exceptional salad bar and arguably the best selection of desserts around.

The Governor's Restaurant at Mt. Lavinia Hotel offers one of the better buffets in the city. We found that mostly everything tasted good, with an exceptional salad bar and arguably the best selection of desserts around.

The Food

During our previous visit to the Governor's we tried out their à la carte menu offerings and came away with mixed feelings. This time around we went for their buffet, which seems to be the more popular option among diners. After trying it out we could easily see why. At Rs. 190o nett its well worth the money with one of the best spreads we've come across, specially when it comes to salads and desserts. However, we would have liked to have seen a bit more variety when it came to the mains and meat types.

The first thing we went for was the salad area which gives plenty of choices so you can go ahead and come up your very own frankensalad. They've got everything from boiled veges, to stir-fried options as well as a good selection of cold meats. What's great is that they've also got an equally impressive selection of sauces to complement the salad options.

In our case we made a garden salad with some lettuce, cabage, carrots, spinach and bean sprouts with a combination of tamarind and chili sauces. We were just mixing and matching things we thought would work and it actually tasted great with all the elements being very fresh and the two sauces giving a nice contrast of sweetness and spice. We also tried out the smoked chicken breast, pork pattes and tuna salad. Each of it was good but the stand out were the pork pattes which were smooth and well seasoned with some nuts thrown in for a bit of crunch.

Moving on to the mains, they seemed to be going for a distinctly South Asian theme with a lot of Sri Lankan and Indian dishes. One thing we felt was missing here was a selection of roast meats, with only beef being available. However, we were told that the selection changes daily so you may come across it another day.

Besides the Asian dishes they also had an action station set up where you could have a pasta prepared to your liking by selecting the type of pasta, cheese, sauces and spices. We went ahead and got a penne pasta in white sauce with a bit of added chili and spices. All in all it came out pretty well and ticked the right boxes in terms of flavour.

The chicken lababdar was nothing short of excellent, cooked just right so that the meat was still tender but not under cooked. The thick sauce also had a great balance of spices and seasoning.

The pork curry was also a solid, sticking to the classic local preparation with a good cuts of curry pork with a few pieces of fat. One thing we weren't too crazy about was the kohlrabi gratin which lacked creamy flavour that's associated with a good gratin.

The desserts were easily the highlight of the buffet with a massive selection covering chocolate, cakes and fruit based desserts. This is easily the largest dessert spread I've come across thus far with the Cinnamon Lakeside Sunday Brunch coming pretty close.

We tried as much as we humanly could and pretty much all of it was great. Our favourites though were the passion fruit mousse which was rich but not overly sweet, the super sour lemon meringue pie that was awesome because of the perfect contrast between the lemon curd and the meringue, and the truffle cake which is such a rarity.

Ambience & Service

The Governor's Restaurant offers one of the best views of the beach anywhere in Colombo. The best part is that you can sit either inside the restaurant, poolside, or on  the terrace overlooking the ocean. Honestly you can't go wrong with any of the options but on a not-so-warm day the terrace is the best option.

The buffet itself is mostly self-service but the waiters were always around to tend any of our needs. This is a five star hotel so the service is very professional and courteous so no complaints on that front.


If you're planning on dropping in at The Governor's Restaurant we'd definitely suggest the buffet over the à la carte menu. They offer a great selection overall at a very reasonable price. If nothing I'd go again just for the desserts.


No 100, Hotel Road, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka.


Coming down Galle Road, turn to Hotel Road (the road that leads down from ODEL), Mount Lavinia hotel is at the very end. Pretty hard to miss.


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Open 12.00 PM - 3.00 PM and 7.00 PM - 11.00 PM

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