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MozzarElla By Nero Kitchen

80/B Ella Town, Ella

One superb option to grab your pizza at, if you ever find yourself in Ella.

MozzarElla By Nero Kitchen is easily the best spot to grab yourself a slice (or four) in Ella. If you prefer a glass of bubbly or merlot while you're at it, they'll happily accommodate for that too. It's BYOB, and free of a corkage fee. 


Our pizza was comprised of two toppings - Salami (Rs. 725) and Devilled Chicken (Rs. 675). 

Presenting a wonderfully thin, well-crisped up crust with charcoal spots here and there, the dough here is incredibly light and delicious. The Salami side had an assortment of finely chopped pork and beef salami, onions, as well as green chillies to give a subtle spicy kick. With a generous layer of mozzarella and a whiff of smokiness to boot, this was one stellar flavour concoction. 
The Devilled Chicken had plenty of chicken to go with every bite, but they weren't exactly devilled. Nonetheless, the addition of green chillies, capsicum and onions was a nice touch, which made for a slightly spicy, chicken-y treat.  We also ordered a side of Garlic Bread. Clocking in at Rs. 395, this is one of the best and affordable takes on garlic bread we've seen to this date. They use the same excellent pizza dough here and cover every ounce of it with chopped up garlic. Delightfully crispy to the bite while the bold notes of garlic beautifully stand out, this portion itself is easily enough to feed 3/4 people. 

Service & Ambience

MozzarElla By Nero Kitchen has a tiny space, capable of accommodating around 15 diners at a time.

By the time we visited, it was late-night and they were almost done for the day. In fact, we were the last couple of people there. But, despite that, we didn't experience any troubles regarding their service. They were full of smiles and quite happy to serve us. 


We loved our experience at MozzarElla. They've got the crust and toppings right, and it's friendly on the wallet too. Highly recommend for some superb, Italian-style, late-night grub. 

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80/B Ella Town, Ella



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