Mr. Biriyani (Hulftsdorp)

82A, Abdul Hameed Street, Colombo 12

  • Open 6PM - 12AM (tentatively)

Biriyani, fried chicken, and burgers.

Hulftsdorp wielded some pleasant gastronomic experiences the last time we dropped by. Given that we weren't able to sample everything down the street, we decided to give it another go and check out what the comments in our last Aluthkadey article recommended. This time around, we visited Mr. Biriyani, which is apparently popular around the hood.

Food and Service

The main items on the menu were biriyani, and also a couple of burgers, fried chicken, and hotdogs. Prices are super reasonable, with nearly everything in the range of Rs. 300, including KFC-styled chicken. In addition to our biriyani, we tried getting a plate of that as well, but were repeatedly told that it'd take a lot of time because the kitchen was busy getting a large order together. However, they said the quicker dishes (ie, biriyani) could be had.

Our chicken biriyani (Rs. 320) came with all the usual add-ons which are wont to accompany the dish — a raita, some spicy, well flavoured chilli paste, and fragrant rice. In addition to all this, we got some chicken and an egg as well. Needless to say, it was an absolute steal for the price. I loved that they actually used basmati, and that the spices were incorporated so well into it, giving it an authentic North-Indian touch. The chicken wasn't outstanding, being regular fried chicken. The dish came piping hot though, and the meal in itself was very pleasant.

Service and Ambience

Belting out biriyanis within ten or fifteen minutes, the service is fast and the staff behind the counter polite and capable, despite being slightly surprised at seeing a couple of girls walk in alone at night. He told us that though they had the stuff we wanted, it'd take way longer than usual because the kitchen staff were busy with other, more larger orders. I'm assuming this doesn't happen all the time, and that they'll be happy to go make you some chicken at any other time. 

There are two or three tables inside the tiny space, and though it looks rather run down, it wasn't unclean or gross. Meaning that we could basically eat in there without worrying too much about hygiene. There aren't any sinks or washrooms, so you get a large jug of water and an empty bowl to wash into instead.


Good biriyani for great prices. It's nice eaten hot-hot, but if you want nicer environs, you could get take out. Parking could be difficult because that road's jam-packed with tuktuks and motorcycles. Also, they only have aerated drinks (coke, sprite etc) for thirst, and table water. We'd recommend giving it a try!


82A, Abdul Hameed Street, Colombo 12


Drive down Armour Street and turn into Srimath Bandaranayake Mw, then turn left into Abdul Hameed Street. It's almost directly opposite the mosque.

Open 6PM - 12AM (tentatively)


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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