Mr. Kottu Restaurant

No. 243, Thalawathugoda Road, Wijitha Pura, Pitakotte

Have you tried Hopper Kottu? Mr. Kottu is the place to go.

Mr. Kottu has been around a while now, located just next to the roadside of Pitakotte-Talawatugoda Road. They are a small resto that specialises in... you guessed it - Kottu!

Kottu and Drinks

Actually it's not just kottu. You have options for rice and curry, fried rice, short eats, hoppers and then a decent variety of kottu. They seem to have done away with burgers, juices and such from our last time. But you can still grab their hoppers kottu.

We got a Roast Chicken Kottu with Cheese (Rs. 450) and a Seafood Kottu (Rs. 800). 

Our roast chicken kottu didn’t have any hints of cheese, it was more or so a milky affair than of cheese. We did see shredded roasted chicken pieces in the mix but not much. There was plenty of onion, bell pepper and carrot in strewn about, all adding to the texture. It was packed with okay levels of spices and with the help of the creaminess from the milk, it was quite alright but nothing to rave about.

We had high expectations from Seafood Kottu (Rs. 800) which is why we decide to set the spicy levels to normal and not get cheese here. But what we received was a letdown.

It felt like eating paratha with fish curry. Even though there was cuttlefish mixed in but much of the flavour came from bits of fish and we didn’t see any prawns, except for one. Amidst the chopped up roti, there was carrot, onion and leeks which all just did their own thing without being harmonious, and there wasn’t much in terms of spices or flavour to speak of here. At least it wasn’t much oily but at the asking price, this is a tough kottu to swallow. We didn’t finish it.

At least our Iced Milo (Rs. 120) was decent. It was adequately thick, milky and hadn’t gone overboard with the sugar. But it could have used a bit more Milo and chilling of the drink too. Still, it was refreshing enough.

Ambience & Service

We didn’t have issues with the service, except the waiter didn’t really seem to know that much about the menu. But the cashier was quite straightforward and seem flexible and ready to customise the order in any way we want. 

The place is not the biggest, but there is space for 20 or so to dine-in.


It seems Mr Kottu has taken a step back when it comes to what they offer. The prices to portion size are expensive as we feel and considering the flavour, is a very tough recommend. We think they do need to do a bit of refocusing and offer a bit more value for money.


No. 243, Thalawathugoda Road, Wijitha Pura, Pitakotte


If you are coming on Atulkotte to Pitakotte road, you have to come Pitakotte junction first. Then turn left & keep going about 1km towards Thalawathugoda town.


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