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Mune's Kalu Dodol

7F, Jayanthi Mawatha, Sihilalpura, Padukka

Mune's Kalu Dodol is one of two places that we know of, that delivers high quality dodol to your doorstep.

Mune's Kalu Dodol is one of two places that we know of that delivers high quality dodol to your doorstep. The presentation is a bit a wonky, but the dodol is a great iteration of the classic preparation, both rich and delicious.

PSA: If you want to pick these up, they're available for purchase at a bunch of supermarkets around Colombo (mostly food city outlets)

The Dodol

Okay so we kinda came up with the name Mune's Kalu Dodol, since it's a part of a company named Mune Products. We got to know about it when they randomly called Indi and offered him kalu dodol, and who can say no to free dodol right? The only other dodol we've reviewed was Dodol House, which was gooey and excellent. Mune's dodol is a bit different both texturally and taste-wise, so it will appeal to those who aren't huge fans of gooey dodol.

Despite their production happening in Padukka, Mune delivers the dodol anywhere in Colombo. I think we can all agree that dodol delivery needs to be a thing. It's priced at Rs. 1200 per kg, and they're hoping to start selling it at Food City outlets across Colombo as well.

The packaging of the dodol is...unique. It looks like an areca nut leaf-wrapped dodol torpedo (just look at it!), which in fact makes it easier to handle. The dried areca nut leaf also absorbs any excess coconut oil.

That being said, it doesn't make for the most appetizing presentation when unwrapped. 

This dodol is actually quite different from Dodol House's stuff since this one was more solid and smooth in texture and a bit more coconuty. Mune products are also suppliers of kithul jaggery, so this dodol was very rich in flavour and quite creamy. They've also thrown in a good amount of cashew nuts in there for a bit of crunch.


Dodol is awesome, and we're always glad to see folks trying to make it more accessible to the masses. If you're fan of classic kalu dodol, Mune's stuff will likely be perfect for you. It's tasty, affordable and they deliver, which is really all we can ask for.


7F, Jayanthi Mawatha, Sihilalpura, Padukka



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