16 E. S. Fernando Mawatha, Colombo 06

  • Open 11AM to 10PM everyday

Nalapaham is for those of you with a sudden mid-day craving for crab - besides the biriyani, idiyapam and kottu, they serve tasty crab, cheap.

Nalapaham is a super affordable place for a quick biriyani, kottu - and especially, for crab. I'm a big fan of crab, and the crab here was pretty satisfying, especially since I only had to pay 300 bucks for it.

The Food


We dropped in for lunch, so unfortunately we couldn't try the biriyani and kottu here - those are only reserved for 5PM onwards. So we asked for a plate of chicken fried rice (Rs. 150), cooked up fresh in the kitchen behind our seats. It's an epic portion, enough for 2-3 people, and it tasted okay, not the best we've had and we wish there was more chicken.


We also got a side of cuttlefish (Rs. 230). These are thick tough pieces, well seasoned and spicy, would probably go great with a plate of biriyani.


The Rs. 300 crab finally arrived and it was pretty tasty. I love the gravy that crab usually comes in, and this time was no exception - it packs a spicy punch. The meat inside was softer than crab meat usually is, spicy as well and plenty - a good quick solution to random mid-day crab cravings, though personally I prefer the crab at Yaal which is sweeter and comes with more crab curry.

Service & Ambience


The place doesn't do much for ambience. It's a clean little kade, but the smoke from the cooking and the general smell of stored seafood isn't all that pleasant. Also the place has got the typical kade male-to-female ratio of 10:1. The staff is small and attentive, and the food generally got to our tables soon, except for the crab which we had to remind them about half an hour later.


IMG_9465 The paayaasam (sago) is super sweet and makes a great dessert

Nalapaham is another one of Colombo's easily accessible fast-meal little restaurants. It's easy on the wallet (Rs. 900 for two of us, rice, crab, cuttlefish and dessert included), and it's a simple fix if you're in the mood for a bit of crab meat.


Brush up on your Tamil to improve your kade/street cred.
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Nalapaham is for those of you with a sudden mid-day craving for crab - besides the biriyani, idiyapam and kottu, they serve tasty crab, cheap.

There is a powerful new (well, new to me) force in the world of Wellawatte’s dining options- Nalapaham. From their base down an unassuming lane off the Galle Road a team of Tamil cooks is whipping up appams, indiyappams and curries of such deliciousness that competitors on the Tamil/Jaffna non veg circuit(Yaal, Yarl, Hotel Rolex, Hotel Maiyuri, Katpaham) should tremble.

වැල්ලවත්ත භෝජන ලෝකයේ මට අලුතෙන් හමු වූ අලුත් ආකරශනයක් තමයි නල්ලපහම්. ගාලු පාරෙන් ඉවත එතරම් ළු්‍යාපාරික වශයෙන් සාර්ථක නොවන පටුමගක පිහිටා ඇති ඔවුන්ගේ බොජුන්හලේ දෙමළ කෝකිවරු හදන ආප්ප, ඉඳආප්ප හා ව්‍යංජන කෙතරම් රසවත්ද කියනවානම් වැල්ලවත්තේ යාල් අවන්හල, යාල් ඊට් හවුස්, රොලෙක්ස් හෝටලය, මයුරි හෝටලය, කට්පහම් වැනි යාපන හා දෙමළ නිර්මාංශ නොවන බොජුන්හල් ජාලය වෙව්ලන්න තරම්.


16 E. S. Fernando Mawatha, Colombo 06


This road is almost exactly opposite Arpico, somewhat near Delmon Hospital.

Open 11AM to 10PM everyday



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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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