Nandi's Milk Toffee

Thimbirigasaya Road, Colombo 5

If you're looking for a different Christmas gift this season, why not some milk toffee from Nandi's.

If you've ever been to ODEL, chances are you've noticed a glass cake dome near the sweets counter under which lie small, caramel coloured squares. If you've never ventured to purchase one of these tiny confections, you've been missing out on one of the city's best takes on traditional Sri Lankan milk toffee.

With crumbly tops and a centre packed densely with cashew and chocolate, these milk toffees are something of a hybrid between the traditional toffee and fudge. Marbled with either milk, white or dark chocolate, the surface of the toffee crumbles while the inside dissolves into thick gooeyness. This is one of the island's best toffees.

With Christmas just around the corner, Nandi's has introduced some festive packaging in red and and dark brown, ideal for an unconventional gift for those with a sweet tooth or people who drink a lot of tea.

Batches can be ordered directly from Nandita Gamage (077 763 6386) and cost Rs. 115 a square and can be purchased in boxes of 10 or 15.


To order call Nandi on 077 763 6386.


Thimbirigasaya Road, Colombo 5


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