Nature's Corner Cafe

567, Madiwela Road Talawatugoda

A cafe that makes healthy treats with organic ingredients.

Nature's Corner in Thalawatugoda promotes everything organic - from natural produce, healthy food and drinks to cosmetics, herbs and haircare products, in the most eco-friendly, toxin-free way. It's a shop, and also a cafe.

Food & Drinks

The cafe has all-day breakfast and brunch available, of which we opted for the Protein Bowl (Rs. 650) and Stuffed French Toast (Rs. 650).

The Protein Bowl comes as an assortment of freshly cut veggies, nuts, seeds, a plant-based filler (cowpea/chickpeas/mung beans) and a protein (free-range eggs/cheese/grilled tuna/smoked salmon/free-range chicken) of your choice. Ours was comprised of boiled mung beans and smoked salmon (Rs. 550).

Featuring a pile of chopped up carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, cabbage, boiled potato and smoked salmon, the bottom half of the bowl was filled with boiled mung beans. The dressing was light, had a bit of tang, and a subtle sweetness running through.

However, the dressing was limited to the top half. A bit more dressing, or perhaps some salt and pepper served on the side should fix this.

You can choose the filling of your French Toast - jam/chutney/peanut butter, and the bread - wholegrain/kurakkan. We went with the Peanut butter stuffed Kurakkan French Toast.

Drizzled with chocolate sauce, the French Toast could have been a little bit eggy and milky, but tasted good, nonetheless. The bread was of good quality, and they use organic chocolate sauce and peanut butter here, along with homemade granola.

*Pictured above: Fired Up (left), Amba Yaluwo (right)

As for drinks, we tried Fired Up (Rs. 400) and Amba Yaluwo (Rs. 450). 

Quirky but exciting, the Fired Up is a combination of thambili (king coconut) water, watermelon and green chillies. The sweet kicks of watermelon get your attention first, and then comes the green chillies, that leaves a burning sensation in your throat.

While it could use a bit more watermelon juice, its refreshing quality was excellent, all thanks to the generous addition of thambili water.

Amba Yaluwo was a blend of mango, milk, yoghurt and bee honey, creating a very balanced out flavour profile. The yoghurt intensifies the sour side, while milk helps to take it down a notch, along with bee honey. This one is creamy, refreshing and filling.

Ambience & Service

The cafe lies on the 1st floor of the building, and the ground floor is where their shop is at. With lots and lots of natural lights seeping through its glass walls, it's very spacious and has a cosy, calm and peaceful atmosphere. We noticed people coming in to get some work done, while having a good snack.

The guys manning the counter were quite helpful as we place our order, and managed to send the food and drinks within around 15 minutes.


A wonderful choice to purchase some good organic products, Nature's Corner also highlights themselves for the delicious and healthy treats they craft up. It's value for money too.